Wii U Won't Be Expensive Like The 3DS Was

When the 3DS went on sale, people said it was expensive. And they were right. For a Nintendo handheld, it seemed pricey, leading to sluggish initial sales. That's why Nintendo cut the handheld's price shortly after its release. Nintendo doesn't want to repeat that same mistake again — because that mistake ended up being costly (and sucky) for Nintendo!

In an interview with a Japanese newspaper, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that he doesn't want gamers to feel like if they waited to buy the Wii U, the console would get cheaper. That sounds like Nintendo will price the Wii U competitively at launch. If so, that would mean that price cuts wouldn't happen until later in the console's lifecycle. So, there you go.

「消費者が 『待てば安くなる』 と感じさせない値段にしたい」


    Sony and MS are just waiting for them to announce a price, so they can beat it.

      you can buy an xbox360 under $200, I doubt the WiiU will come in under that.

    I can't read the original quote obviously, but from its summary given here I'd assume we can only 'not expect a rapidly approaching price-drop'... not the same as 'will be cheap to start with'...

    They can't afford to make that mistake again. Perhaps Ninty will even sell a slight loss, something I don't think they've done before, to really entice gamers to the platform.

    Either way, it'll be $300USD and $500AUD or some ridiculous discrepancy.

      They were selling the 3DS at a loss after the price cut, at least in the US.

      And agreed on the huge discrepancy

    $399 AUD with pack in game would be nice. We might not see a huge price difference judging on how the 3DS XL is priced here compared with NA.

    It will be $400 plus and to cut costs it won't come with a power cable. That will be sold seperatly...

    Supply and demand. Given it fell pretty flat at E3 and there's not really any buzz around it... more just a general sense of confusion as to what the actual point is... then I really don't think they can afford to make it expensive. If they come in at much more than the Wii launched at then it's certainly hard to imagine too many people queueing up around the block for it on launch night based on what they've shown so far.

    It'll be competitively priced in Japan and the USA. In Australia it'll be overpriced to hell.

    I think Nintendo is going to have a hard time trying to find a market for this. Wii does motion controls OK, hardcore gamers like PS3 and Xbox, Kinect and Move are good competitors for HD. If you want 3D, you can get a 3DS or 3DS XL. And touchscreen is done really well with an iPad. Who's left to buy this?

    Price at $99 and they might find a market!

      You're an idiot.

        that's what I was thinking...

      You forget that when the current console generation was released Nintendo sold more consoles than Microsoft and Sony combined for a LONG time.
      Nintendo has built up their market over more than 25 years, their flagship games Super mario world, Mario Kart etc still sell like hotcakes. They won't have any trouble finding a market, its just not you.

    I am expecting a $299 US launch price -- more expansive than the Wii, yet it should look good compared the expected $399 US prices for the next-box/PS4.

      $299 US sounds right. The Wii was released at $250 (though the absurd initial demand kept the supplies low enough that stores felt justified to overcharge for the first couple years.) So... $299 US is... like $499 AUS? $549? I'm never sure exactly how much is the "australian tax" is.

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