Wizardry Online Doesn't Look Like Any Wizardry I Know

One of the first PC games I ever bought with my own money was Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant. These screens from Sony Online Entertainment and Gamepot's Wizardry Online show off a game that's completely dissimilar to that one.

For me, Wizardry will always be walking turn-based corridors in a first-person perspective. Can this Wizardry Online maintain the same feeling in a massively multiplayer environment? I'm hitting up Sony Online Entertainment later this week, so maybe I'll get a chance to find out.


    Looks a little on the cutesy side. Definitely doesn't look like Wizardry to me.

    This doesn't look like Wizardry to either the writer or Awnshegh because it appears to be directly influenced by the Japan only series of Wizardry games. As I understand it, the original batch of games (released on platforms like the C64 and NES) had quite the cult following, and appear to have heavily influenced many of Atlus' tremendous and punishing rpgs for the DS.

    If I can again play as a fairy ninja, then i'm happy.
    If you've not tried this, play Wiz 7 again with just a fairy ninja (yes party of 1). Once you get over the initial harsh difficulty, you just break the game.

    looking pretty excited about this. Even with the graphics like ff11, the other features get me pretty excited

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