Wow, Final Fantasy XIV, You've Changed

Final Fantasy XIV's launch was so terrible that Square Enix had to pull the game and promise to not bring it back until it was fixed. I don't know if its gameplay tweaks have had any effect, but I do know the game is at least looking a lot nicer.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new concept art from the game as well later today.


    Great graphics and absolutely terrible, grindy gameplay? Now it's earned the "Final Fantasy" name!

      I wants it... I wants it now!!!!

      Or as soon as I have good enough internet and make amends with my clan on Runescape. Also after I finish exams this year.

        To this day, Runescape still has the best crafting system of any MMO

          Obviously never played Star Wars Galaxies

    Pretty sure it always looked fairly nice...

      Yeah but it looks nice

    It was always a visually impressive game. They just recycled too much of the environment so that it all looked the same after a while. Unfortunately performance was hit and miss but I believe they were putting in a new graphics engine to address that. New mechanics, updates, fixes, additional content etc. I have to admit that I was quite impressed at how the developers are listening to their players (but perhaps not always getting the message correct).

    I played at launch and walked away in disgust after the first month. Came back towards the end of last year and really enjoyed it for a while but still found it lacking in some areas and other games were calling me away. I'd like to give this another go at some point.

      I played it at launch as well and it felt like it had the core of a really good game but it felt like I was playing an alpha or very early beta. Graphically it was very nice, but the actual gameplay had so many problems. Plus the UI was horrid, and there's the fact they were making Australians subscribe as Europeans and pay in Euros, so it was several dollars more per month than any other MMO we might be playing.

    Woah huge changes from what I played a 1 (2 ?) yr ago, almost interested to go back and hae a try. Almost. When they make it F2P give me a call.

    Might be resubbing for ff14 again. Loving the new UI and character creation, hopefully the gameplay will be more varied and seamless than it is currently

    Woah looks pretty good. Only played like 30mins of the beta and was so clunky to play but might try it again (When it's F2P)
    PS3 version still coming out?

    Are you fucking serious? Fans complain about the boring bullshit that is the gameplay of FFXIV and SE decide that the graphics engine needs a revamp?

    That developer is now confirmed for 10/10 retardation.

    I enjoy not playing this *long content with actual life sigh*

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