This 43m Wide Call Of Duty Trailer Is Incredible

This is most of the stunning Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer that is stopping crowds at E3. This is the spectacle of E3, in terms of stopping hordes of people in their tracks... and with good reason. The screen Activision is running this thing on is over 100 feet wide. It's a hell of a sight.

The resolution is... 6336x720.


    Great advertising technique. Make the screen so big, everybody stops and watches.

    Too bad it highlights the dated, dated graphics.

      man those graphics are horrible!
      acti really need to design a new engine

        you know whats older people complaining about the graphics

          Know what's even older? Quake 3 engine.

        If you were in their shoes, you would be doing exactly what they are doing considering the millions each game brings.

        And i doubt we will see a change to that formula anytime soon either....Well not until the XBOX3 and PS4 anyway.

          No way I'd wring my baby for every last cent of profit like they do. I'll be like one of those developers that actually care about their IPs and fanbase and I'll do it right.

            I am talking about being in Activision's shoes at this very moment, not back when they were deciding what type of company they were.

            By now they have made the choice to be more about money than anything. So to take the risk of going from an engine that is very well optimised, to one that would be new is risky for them. And that's partly because they would probably have to stop at least IW or Treyarch from developing games temporarily while they build the new engine... And then what happens if they miss the release window 1 year because of it? Millions of dollars would be lost from sales.

            So honestly, in their shoes right now; i don't know that allot us would take that risk lol. But maybe they will be forced to do it with the new console generation like i said, who knows......

    Wow, why do people still use 720p?


      You can't put progressive scan on such a large format. That's interlaced.

    I would like to know the manufacturer of this screen, I make these screens for a living.

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