Wreck-It Ralph Game Only Coming To Nintendo Platforms

With its debut trailer, Wreck-It Ralph instantly became my most wanted movie in existence. After watching, I wondered precisely how a movie tie-in would work. Would the developers try and recreate a polished version of the 'game' Wreck-it Ralph, or would they go down the road of trying to make it look like the movie... turns out we have some sort of answer.

The game will be a 2D side-scroller, worked as a "story extension" based on events that happen after the movie.

But perhaps more interestingly, despite the fact the game is being published by Activision, it's only appearing on Nintendo consoles — the Wii, 3DS, and DS. It made me realise — of all the real video game characters shown in the trailer — the only first party characters featured were Nintendo characters. The rest were all third party characters. Perhaps Nintendo has some sort of deal going on with Disney?

Wreck-It Ralph tie-in coming to 3DS, DS, Wii [Eurogamer]


    As long as that deal means there'll be a cg, decent Mario movie. That's what the Wreck-It Ralph trailer really made me want.

    Hey Mark!

    I found a picture of that 'Fix It Felix' cab they built for E3.
    (Scroll down on this link - it's near the end of the post)

    How cool is that?

    Well, Disney and Nintendo have always got along well - most Disney games appeared on that company's systems, quite a few (including most of the Mickey Mouse brand) exclusives. Might have been part of the deal to get Bowser in - can't see why Activision would only publish a game like this to Nintendo platforms, and not as widely as possible.

    Or maybe the game just uses Nintendo characters in their film roles, which would explain Nintendo barring it from coming out on Sony/MS systems.

    Relevant link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney_video_games

    Mickey Mouse for Smash Bros.

      You just made me realise I want a Looney Toons Smash Bros clone.

    Little bit bizarre, but the target audience of this game is Dads with kids or teenagers with little brothers, I imagine it'll be a great kids flick with some awesome references in there for the older audience. So I guess they weren't aiming the game at them.

    And who has a 3DS, DS or Wii and not another console? Certainly not the kids they're trying to sell the game to.

    Nintendo characters are some of the only easily-recognisable first-party characters among people whether they're "gamers" or not.
    While third-party companies are more flexible, Nintendo have always been very protective of their characters and odds are exclusivity for the game was part of the deal for getting characters like Bowser into the movie.
    Besides, how many households don't have at least one of those systems.

      Maybe but I don't imagine that alone is enough. Unless the Nintendo characters are vital parts of the game's story I don't think Nintendo would be that interested in keeping a movie tie-in game as an exclusive (or Disney having their heart so set on using the characters that they'd screw Activision over).
      Could it have something to do with Fix It Felix being so close to Mario that it was easier to just completely bring Nintendo into the fold on day one rather than risk having them sink the project during production or take it to court after release?

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