Wreck-It Ralph's New Trailer Features Bowser, Dr Robotnik, Zangief, Q*Bert And More

We previously reported that Disney's Wreck-It Ralph would feature cameos of iconic video game villains, but seeing them in an actual trailer is something different.

After watching this, I can't wait for this film to be released. It looks like it could be the greatest video game-related movie ever made.


    Looks kinda cool, EXCEPT FOR THE FUCKING 'MUSIC'.

    Very very psyched for this!

    Seriously, this looks like an awesome movie.

    Kano does not seem like the kind of guy that would show up in a support group for villains. Unless he was bored and felt like killing some different people, or whatever it is he does. I'm a bit rusty on my Mortal Kombat lore.

      I'm more surprised to see Kano in there period. Considering to my knowledge Netherrealm Studios is owned by WBIE, a division of Warner Brothers, and this movie is being made by Disney.

    Just because he's Russian, doesn't mean Zangief is a villain.

      Zangief was one of Bison's henchmen in SF2, I dunno about the story for the other street fighters, but he's still a "bad guy" I think.

    That was awesome! Great plotline idea too!

    i was expecting you know, the generic villains, but seeing zangief and m.bison? freaking awesome!

    very excited

    At first I was sceptical, mostly because I'm a Warner Brothers fanboy as opposed to Disney's stuff. I was half expecting it to be a bunch of half-arsed, half-thought-out references, too. But this actually looks alright.
    Disney did well with Tron, and I think they can do well with this.

    When I heard about this movie it sounded like a cool idea. Seeing this trailer makes me think they might actually pull it off.

    They even have the character that's just there to be annoying and for everyone to hate. And just like in real life, it's Sarah Silverman...

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