Xbox 360 Users: Sign Up For Skyrim's Dawnguard Beta Now

Players of the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim can now sign up for the beta for Dawnguard, the terrific-looking, demonic first expansion for Skyrim.

To do so, they'll want to visit the Dawnguard site, where they can register. Bethesda will pick players for the beta in "about a week," after which they will get an Xbox Live code to download the expansion. The version Beta testers get will be the full expansion, complete with achievements.

Given how buggy some of Bethesda's past expansions have been, it's good that early players will give them a chance to work out some of the kinks. And hey, PC players like me may have to wait, but we'll doubtless get an even less buggy product as a result.

So... uh... so there 360 players! With your dumb early version. Hrmph.

E3: Apply for the Dawnguard Beta on Xbox 360 [Bethesda Blog]


    Sounds awesome. I'll sign up as soon as I get home. (these pesky Work filters only let me on Kotaku)

    Why cry of consoles getting dlc first? When on pc you have mods and the steam workshop... Console players should be pissed for missing out on so much!

    do u get armor with this

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