Xbox 720 Concept Shots Are As Pretty As They Are Impractical

Right off the bat: these are not actual concept shots from Microsoft. They're spawned entirely from the mind of designer Federico Ciccarese, who has done his fair share of gizmo mockups, mostly of various real and ficitional Apple devices. Now he's had a go at making the next iteration of the Xbox. It's... interesting. I'll give it that.

For one, imagine tripping over this thing? Chances are you'd impale yourself on this pyramid, this blinding beacon of electronic entertainment. It'd be like the initial Wii injury saga all over again, except much deadlier. And whiter.

It also yells "hipster speaker set" rather than "console", but I suppose that gels better with Microsoft's desire to sell the Xbox as a home entertainment device and not a dedicated game-playing machine. The Kinect cameras (the speaker-things) for some reason remind me of the PlayStation Eye. I'm going to guess Microsoft probably doesn't want you thinking of its direct competitor when staring at its hardware.

It's cute that it looks like an X from above, but the novelty of that would wear off quickly. No, mostly I'd be worried by losing an eye, or finding the tiny, mummified corpse of the late, late, late Rameses II squirreled away behind a heatsink.

What do you guys think? Ratings out of five canopic jars, please.

Xbox 720 details: concept console images [MSN]

Images: Federico Ciccarese / MSN


    God that looks retarded.

    Not so much a box anymore as it is a triangle...


    I don't think so.

    A pyramid with an all-seeing eye. I rate it 5 out of 5 Illuminati cultists.

    .....set the position just like orion star configuration or else, and you might get activated some hidden function :D

    Thats unmarketable, it would look dreadful in anything but a mental institution or hospital ward.

    But... where do the discs go?

      Maybe a little pole extends from the tip and you have to throw the discs so they land on it.

      Discs? Nah this uses 'Data Balls (TM)' which is like a tennis ball but smooth. The ball art and manual are printed on the outside of the sphere and they come case fresh to the stores with a thin plastic wrapper that you peel off and discard like an apple.

        ... that you peel off with a potato peeler. Just fold down any of the white cardboard sides of the 720, insert ball, and then close the side back up. Special edition black cardboard 720 coming Summer 2014.

    Because that wouldn't overheat and melt through the bottom. Not at all. Makes no sense, looks like he just copypasta an ipod onto a pyramid. Utter crap.

      You sir, sound like a complete jack ass, hot air rises, why would it melt through the bottom? And two vents on the back side with fans would probably work better then a pc cooling system.

    Don't really understand why it would have its own speakers.

    How the hell am I going to fit that in my TV cabinet?

    The limited "Red Pyramid of Death" edition

    Not in my living room

    No matter what it looks like ill get it better then n sony junk..

    Then any sony junk I ment lol

    This concept looks a little more accurate:

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