Xbox Live Takes Down Fez's Game-Breaking Patch

No sooner than they released a patch for Fez, the game's creators discovered a game-breaking filesave corruption and warned everyone not to accept the title update. Microsoft has now taken the step of removing the patch altogether, meaning people who didn't get the memo about the patch won't find their game bricked by it.

Polytron, in an update on its blog, said it is working to deliver a fix as soon as possible — "Like, in less than two months." They're being facetious. I hope.

Update Was Live [Polytron]


    Any word on a PC version of this game?

      How is this not a PC release yet? I think a lot of non-xbox users really want to play this game. So bizarre.

        He said in an interview that there's a 1 year contract with microsoft. They won't be able to release on other platforms till that's over.

          umm last time i checked Windows is owned by Microsoft.

    and I bet it cost them 40k to get it removed too.

      Is that how much it costs to submit a patch? Jesus GoW creators must be paying big.

        It depends on the "relationship" between the developers and Microsoft. If you're nice to them they'll reduce the price slightly. Probably explains why CoD releases DLC on the 360 first. They release the DLC on 360 first, and Microsoft reduces the price for them.

        I'm not 100% certain, but I thought the first patch was free, and only subsequent patches cost 40k. The costs may be different for retail and downloadable titles though.

    Mean while Valve lets developers update their games on Steam for free...

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