Xbox Smart Glass: Interactive Map Of Westeros While You Watch Game Of Thrones

Microsoft demonstrated its new Smart Glass tech today at E3. And sure, it's cool that you can watch a video on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or computer, tell it to pause, and resume seamlessly on your Xbox later.

But what's really cool? Having an interactive map of Westeros pop up on your phone, tablet or PC while you're watching death and destruction in the War of Five Kings onscreen. Good luck beyond the Wall, Jon Snow!


    Um...any intelligent viewer has been paying attention to WHERE the characters are.

      I don't watch the show with an open map, figuring out where everyone is in relation to each other. The clockwork intro isn't a huge help.

      Remember, not all of us write King Renly fanfic in our spare time.

        Oh you just gave me the best idea for my new series: Renly and Robb, the kings of the north and south met each others' eyes, lingered and locked lips. Loras fumes and leaves, his rich brown locks flowing in the wind.

      The intro has always helped knowing where the various facets of the story were taking place but I have a lot of trouble keeping track of all the factions and where they are in relation to one another. I would find this a big help but there are not too many shows as complicated as Game of Thrones so maybe of limited use in this context.

        There are only a handful of settings so far: Winterfell and the North (blue filter, snow), King's Landing and Essos (orange filter, temperate climate) and what's in between (Robb's camp, Harrenhal etc). It's really no biggie since most characters only stick to their respective region this season.

        How do you go about watching shows like The Wire, which I would say is an order of magnitude more complex and intertwined than GoT so far?

    This is great, because I have no idea how to Google 'Game of Thrones map' on my phone, tablet or PC whilst watching television.

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