Xbox SmartGlass Lets You Control Your Xbox With Your iPhone

Microsoft demonstrated its Xbox SmartGlass tech today at E3, linking consumers' smartphones and tablets to their Xbox games and media. Not only does SmartGlass manage video playback across devices and add extra content to video, but it also turns your current touch device into a remote control for your console and a controller for some new games.

Nintendo, too, is banking on the idea of touch tech for game control with its Wii U controller, but Microsoft is banking on connecting to devices that a significant number of consumers already own and carry with them everywhere.

Microsoft promises that it works across nearly all devices: iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and Windows 8.


    The Microsoft presentation was terrible... like, I'm still laughing at how bad it was.

    Did all the games get lost in the mail? The only thing that would have saved it was the South Park part, but alas it was too short.

    I mean, NIKE? Really? I'm still laughing.

      Now, now... that's not really fair.

      There was more Halo, more Gears of War, more Forza, and more Fable.

      Be still, my beating heart.


        You are obviously Wii owner. Don't cry now just because you bought a wrong console.


    When this was leaked I was sure it was going to be fake... Smart glass sounds way too similar to smart ass!

    Getting so used to seeing "available on iPhone, iPad and Android" so often that WP7 took me off guard. But then remembered that it's Xbox.
    Microsoft... supporting WP7 because no one else would.

    I'd pay money not to sit next to a person that actually makes use of this 'feature'.

    Sounds all very ho-hum to me

    I disagree with the "This isn't any good" comments.

    I think this is a really great step and I think it will be interesting to see what develops.

    Streaming movies is one thing, there is already a lot of stuff out there for that, but I think adding the game element could be cool.

    The WiiU has it's new controller as it's gimmick. Microsoft can potentially let you do exactly the same kind of things, but with the tech you already own.

    I would like to be able to have a lot of UI clutter being able to be shifted from the TV to my lap.
    Maps, health, points, all of it potentially moved to let the screen clear. Of course it's just an idea.

    This also has potential for augmented reality stuff to occur in games as well.

    While I hope there wont be games developed entirely for this, I would like to see it as a supplement. I still have fond memories of linking a bunch of game boys together and playing Final Fantasy together, each of us having a different map, seeing different data etc,.

      Agreed. This could potentially be detrimental to Nintendo. By not having to rush out and buy a new tablet controller and using pre-owned devices wit h already higher resolutions? The impact could be huge.

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