Yep, Bulletstorm Developers Are Making That New Gears Of War

Yesterday, I speculated that the next Gears of War, the one semi-revealed by the folks at Game Informer magazine, will be developed by the talented crew at People Can Fly who made the very good early 2011 first-person shooter Bulletstorm. I even teased People Can Fly creative director Adrian Chmielarz about it over Twitter. He didn't reply.

But, this morning, Mike Capps, president of Gears studio Epic Games (which owns People Can Fly) did his best Daniel Bryan impression and weighed in in the affirmative. Looks like they're "involved", and it's not a leap to assume they'll be doing more than helping out here or there. Very cool, but it makes you wonder... first-person Gears of War?



    BulletStorm is one of the most under appreciated games of recent years.

      Agreed, was so fresh and exciting pulling of all those different moves, just wish they made the whip fully controllable/movable and not just pull and throw

        Decent game, the weapons were cool and the locations were pretty, but damn that plot was stupid, and damn were there too many dick jokes. There were like 2 funny bits in the game, the rest was all "DICK DICK DICK lol PUNCH YOU IN THE DICK OW MY DICK LOL DICKS ARE FUNNY"

    well, just because it's people can fly doesn't mean it's gonna be first person, they also did the PC port of the first gears of war, so they know how the games work

    I will never understand the appeal of GoW, but if people like it people like it.

    Shame. PCF have too much creativity to be tied down to something as bland as GoW.

    Bulletstorm was a terrifically fun game to play. If you were able to ignore the story (pretty easy) then it was one of the best shooters of the last few years. Anything people can fly make would be well worth a look.

    What a waste. Should be working on Bulletstorm 2 and not another bloody Gears game. If only all the pretentious pussies acting all offended at the "dick jokes" got over themselves and gave it a go, would realise how awesome the game is and that it needs a sequel.

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