Mad Men Would Make For A Great Video Game

Mad Men Would Make For A Great Video Game

The fifth season of Mad Men has concluded, and now we must all sit in silence, have long conversations about symbolism… and wait for a depressingly long time for the next season to begin.

Why can’t they just make a video game version of the show?

Our own Patricia Hernandez was asking this same question the other day, so Chris thought he’d go ahead and make the idea of a Mad Men game into a reality. Or at least, into some truly spectacular gifs.

Up top, we’ve got the default state for Don Draper. I’m thinking he hits “X” more often than just about anything else these days. The square button sure isn’t getting much use.

Next, there’s Roger having his delightful mid-season vision quest:


Ha! And last, my (and I sense, your) personal favourite: Lane vs Peter. (Smaller in size since it’s a longer gif.)


I would play this section over and over and over again.

OK, I’ll be right back: I’m going to go post these onto literally the entire internet.


  • I would love to see a Mad Men video game. I don’t know how that would actually work, but it would be amazing if it could be done correctly.

    Also the gif of Roger could be treated as a spoiler =/

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