'Yes! Finally! Bing Voice Search On Xbox LIVE!' -- No-One Ever

Mediocre news, everyone! Bing voice search, via Kinect, is now available on your Xbox 360!

Yesterday I accidentally clicked on a Bing maps link (via Facebook) and my first instinct was to run around my living room screaming 'GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME'! Seriously, there's just something about Bing that doesn't sit right.

Maybe it's the fact that a Bing search is literally one analogue stick movement away on the Xbox 360 dashboard, when you literally have to go out there and diligently search for top quality Indie games like Fez. That doesn't work for me. The shoe-horning of an uninspired service into my user experience isn't ideal, especially when good games are going unnoticed, so please forgive my cynicism.

Also — as if it's going to understand a single word I say in my broad Scottish accent.



    Have you heard? With Bing, search has gone social! Only Bing integrates information from your friends on Facebook and experts on Twitter, so you can tap into their knowledge and opinions, and spend less time searching, and more time doing. Now search goes social. Check it out at bing.com!

      Rooster Teeth podcast? :P

        Yes indeedy. Isn't it great how natural sounding those endorsements sound?

    I can just imagine the situation now.

    I'm at home, slightly curious about who won the Silver medal in Women's Basketball at the Atlanta Olympics. My laptop is out of reach. My phone uncharged. My PC in pieces in my yard after I finally get fed up with it breaking so often.

    I start rummaging through my wardrobe, looking for my Kinect. I find it, plug it in and run the setup.

    Finally, I get to sate my curiousity "Xbox, why did I just install my Kinect?"

      Hahaha. +1

      Actually I'd be lucky to even get that far. I'd probably find something shiny before the Kinect then spend half an hour trying to think of something to do with it, just to convince me my search was worthwhile.

    Now someone try and break it with an over the top Australian accent

    Crikey dingo mate where the bloody hell can I find some mongrel xbox live games ya flamin galah that's not a knife, this is a knife, on ya dinky di kangaroo mate

    (I would do it myself but have no Kinect)

    I'd be much more excited for voice search on the YouTube app, so sick of typing with that interface

      I know voice recognition for subscriptions works pretty well, I hadn't tried just searching though.

    I have enough trouble finding anything useful for Siri to do on my iPhone, when everything's only a few taps away anyway.

    I believe its the "related searches" section and everything below that puts you off. Because it changes it makes it look like a format change occurs when you search unlike good which has the different categories (images, maps, videos etc) there.
    Non consistent experiences put users off. also the fact that the writing there is blue makes it stand out drawing attention to the change.

    The current Xbox dashboard is seriously off-putting. It takes forever to find new XBLA titles, and even the game disc in your system occupies a tiny corner of ONE screen on your dashboard. I know Microsoft is trying to pimp out their other products (Bing, 'Zune', etc) but I have no interest in them, I just want to play games on my Xbox...

    Look at that super awesome beardless man
    - no-one ever

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