You Can Play This Diablo III Clone Right Now, In Your Browser

Diablo III player Tsimhyr, fed up with the game's follies, decided to do something about it and make his own version of the game. It's called Satan I, and is playable right now, in your browser.

There's a bitterness to much of the writing, but the combat mechanics seem pretty spot-on. Even the constant connection errors are a match for anything Blizzard can come up with.

Satan I is currently at v1.02. Patch notes are as follows:

v1.00 - Beta release!

v1.01 - Curtailed the drop rate to 10% and rebalanced the Internet Explorer class.

v1.02 - Added new items!

Satan I [thanks contact!]


    I gotta ask, is the 504 error I am getting part of the joke or has the site seriously had capacity problems and has it become a joke within a joke?

      Its launch day, these kind of things are bound to happen due to there not being a stress test weekend.

    The thing about this and other peoples complaints, is that they are being made by people who have played the game all the way through to Inferno difficulty. Is the game really that bad then?

      True. I'm about 30 hours in and I haven't seen anything like the situation described in the screenshot above.

        Unfortunately, that quite literally sums up inferno difficulty at present, lol. I remember reading a blizzard post at one point that made mention they were aware of this issue, essentially that it wasn't intended to be a one-shot -fest, but rather something that tested players' resistance to consistent damage.

        Auction house gear barely mitigates the issue so it's pretty much a wait for balance changes regarding higher difficulties.

    Over capacity error is hilarious, especially if it's not on purpose.

    I gotta agree with this guy the game is hugely enjoyable up to Inferno and then it starts getting a little bit ridiculous, some rare mobs almost impossible to kill but the boss takes less then an a minute? Among other issues but I'm mainly ignoring these things because it's still a new game Blizz needs time to fix it up a bit is all.

    Diablo III was inspiring... seriously.
    A couple weeks of playing it inspired me to buy Torchlight, and I have been playing and enjoying the hell out of it. Now I can't wait for Torchlight 2, and I'm not sure I care too much about the enevitable expansions for D3.

    I don't know what this Diablo III game you've been playing is...
    I've been playing Auction House Simulator 2012.

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