You Can Totally Be A Vampire In Skyrim's First DLC. Here's Proof.

If this new perk screen is any indication, vampires will play much differently than the other races and classes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Let the feeding begin.

Check out the rest of these new images for a peek into the first upcoming DLC pack for Bethesda's role-playing game, Dawnguard, which will be out this (northern) summer.


    The vampire felt a bit weak and under powered in Skyrim, not enough advantage versus disadvantage. Plus the Vampiric Drain ability was about as effective as sending in your pet mosquito to drain the enemies health.

      "The vampire felt a bit weak and under powered in every Elder scrolls game"


      I'd just assumed it was a nod to earlier games in the series. Like a poorly implemented afterthought.

    Vampires should be killed, not played as!!!
    I look forward to putting a crossbow bolt in their throats :)

    I wonder what a female Vampire lord may look like or do they all shape change to one figure?

    I wonder if I can use my existing character with all its inventory, or do I have to start fresh on this expansion pack?

    Lvl 46 vampire lord 745 HP? My lvl 65 nord only has 500 odd HP.
    Maybe they get a buff

    why did they name it after one of the vampires in Twilight?

    And more importantly, why do i know that?

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