You Know What's Missing From The Last Guardian? Dubstep

Upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian gets a dubstep remix for shits and giggles, courtesy of Mike McWhertor of Meat Bun (and more recently, Polygon) fame.

If this year's E3 gaming convention taught us anything, you can never have too much dubstep.

No, actually, you can. So knock it off, world.

You know what else is missing from The Last Guardian? A release date. HEY-YO!

The Last Guardian (Dubstep Remix) [Vimeo]


    Ok Brian. You can officially go fuck yourself now. Sorry for the language but my god you're a hack journalist.

      Brian believes that its become pathetic that every single game gets a dubstep do-over and you consider that to be hack journalism? Sorry Zico but the majority of people feel the same way. So take your wub to your club and enjoy it there 24/7, leave it out of games thankyou very much :) OK?

        "wub to your club", really? :D

          ;) You're right, i should have said "take your wub, wub, wub to your club, club, club" Hows that for more lame :D

        I consider it hack journalism because you can type "dub step" + anything in youtube and you can find a 6 year old's dubstep montage. For example, I just typed in "final fantasy dub step". BAM - News article

          I just think its almost become "meme-like" now that dub step is in EVERYTHING game marketingwise and thats way too much. If it was used for 1 or two it would be unique. But it isnt unique anymore, its annoying.

    I like it when Kotaku bring news from other sites here and little articles like this, Makes it easy for me to just browse one site, read everything there is worth reading than getting on with my day.

    I love dub step, but that song was shit.

    Umm taste.........

    I really really hate dub step, especially one Pendulum have called it a day so Rob Swire can pursue dub step with Knife Party.

    How is this a remix of Last Guardian? I came here expecting something original, and I'm hearing an OLD song from Skrillex. (2010). Also Trex, Pendulum have another album to put out yet, thanks to the contract with Warner Music UK. Only their Live band has stopped touring for the moment.

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