You May Have All Of The Deus Exs For $15

For $US14.99, you might expect to get Deus Ex and its sequel, Invisible War on Steam. But for the next 38 hours, this amount will get both games and Human Revolution, the latest title in the series, along with three bits of DLC.

With Human Evolution retailing on Steam for $US34.99 on its own, it's quite the deal. It's a flat-out reduction of 75 per cent across all the Deus Ex games and if you've yet to play any of them (or even one of them) you'll be hard-pressed to get them cheaper (unless you caught the Green Man Gaming sale back in May).

The sale also applies to each game individually so if you just want Human Evolution, you can pick it up for $US8.74, which is still a bargain.

Deus Ex Collection [Steam via DSO Gaming]


    Those bastards, i picked up HR in the last steam sale and the missing link DLC in Square Enix sale they had a few weeks ago.

    Its an awesome game, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    PS, nice use of the light in that pic, the light quite conveniently hide the letter R in the word "frag"

    Your constant use of Human Evolution as the title makes me hate you.

    The bundle actually includes the Augmented edition of HR so even better since you get the downloadable artbook/comic/OST/etc.

    You could also buy the entire total war collection for $24 this weekend instead :D

    I already own HR twice, once collectors once augmented... god I love that game.

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