You Will Be Excited About PlanetSide 2, Even If It Takes An Seven Minutes To Explain

Why do I want more PC gamers to get excited upcoming massively-multiplayer first-person shooter PlanetSide 2? Am I a masochist? Am I in the pocket of Sony Online Entertainment, bribed by all of that cash they made on The Agency? No, the answer is much simpler than that: I want to kill you all.

After my hands-on time with the game at E3 2012, I want to play it, and in order for me to play it, other people will be needed to run in front of my rifle sights at regular intervals. Just pop into the game, find me in one of the sprawling battlefields, and just, I don't know... run in circles or something.

So, in order to help generate cannon fodder interest in PlanetSide 2, I offer you the entire E3 2012 video presentation, released earlier this week by the people that ruined EverQuest 2 by not including a real Bard class. It covers all the bases I may have missed during my hands-on, including the mobile app that'll keep players hovering over the battlefields all day long, watching my kill count rise as our beloved minions' conga line passes through my flame thrower's emissions.


    An seven minutes?! I don't have an seven minutes to wait.

    Hoping Aussies are allowed into the Beta. Looking forward to playing this.

      I'm hoping Aussies get Servers, 200-250 ping servers... not going to be fun

    Not usually a fan of fps but this has really peaked my interest. Also watched some nice gameplay vids on youtube. Looking forward to it.

    swear i saw a zebra tank with a spoiler on the back

    The first game is 2nd on my list of all time favorite games. And I have played a lot of games.

    Im not even going to get caught up in hype until i know there will be Australian servers.

    Trying to play a FPS MMO with a 300+ ping. Ill pass thanks.

    Last one wasnt too bad even with the aussie lag.

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