You Won't Believe How This Zelda Picture Was Made

Take a good, close look at this beautiful painting based on The Legend of Zelda. It looks like it was done using PhotoShop, right? Maybe a speed painting on a tablet?

Nope. It was done on a Nintendo 3DS. Using the simple art program Colors 3D!. That tiny screen, that fat have come up with something that gorgeous with those tools is one hell of a feat for artist Lucsdf.

If you don't believe him/me, the link below has a short video showing the piece in progress.

Zelda Zoras River [Colors 3D!, via Tiny Cartridge]


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      I could be a journalist too. I browse Reddit. That's all the qualifications I need, right?

        I hear ya McGee, too easy.....

      urgh. . .

      If you want top quality Video Game journalism 24/7. . . go to Gamespot/IGN. . .

        >top quality video game journalism


        I prefer for quality pieces of journalism. Or wait for Mark or Logan to post.

      Everyday there are atleast 2-3 decent articles on Kotaku. The rest are reddit type links that are relevant to gaming culture. I'm more than happy with this, if you don't like it go somewhere else.

        Sick to death of the constant whinging in the comments.

          Absolutely! Not every article is a news article, that's a GOOD thing.
          They deliver news as it comes but they entertain us with interesting things like this.
          I also found it very impressive and was happy to have it shared.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Pretty Impressive. Oh and the art is pretty cool too.


    I believe that! I thought you were going to say it was done by rearranging coloured toothpicks on a guinea pig or something equally unbelievable.

    as a non reddit reader, I am quite glad kotaku provides me with a one easy to access location for all my nerdiness needs. thx kotaku!
    I always thought of kotaku of more of a community anyway (where our common interest is games) but the more whinging I hear, the less likely i will bother engaging or reading the community parts

      I rely on sites like Kotaku to distill all the utter tripe and bullshit I'd have to put up with if I read Reddit.
      Not to mention the insufferable aura of smug that pours off its 'community'.

    Holy crap, that's awesome!

    Also, I agree with the people who make sense. Kotaku is awesome because it means I only have to read ONE website, not eighty.

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