You'll Never Be As Happy As He Is While Shaving

Schick, the famous shaving brand, has collaborated with Evangelion in Japan to promote the upcoming film Evangelion 3.0... and well, shaving.

The campaign started this April, with keychains, razor stands and original shaving cream containers of Evangelion characters for customers who bought specific Schick products. Original videos of the anime characters making obscure references to shaving can be seen on the website as well.

For more information, minus the razor burn, check the sites below.

Official Schick x Evangelion Campaign Site [Official Site] "シック×ヱヴァンゲリヲ ン キャンペーン"第2弾がスタート [Famitsu]


    Please Japan, you already have the best shaving gear ( Don't fall for this!

    3.0 is FINALLY coming out!!??
    its only been...what? 2 years since 2.0?

    I've missed out on the whole EVA 2.0 thing. Is it just the same story rehashed with better artwork?
    Or is there an actual different storyline to it? I can still remember the good ol days having to
    watch 86 different endings because the fans were upset lol

      You don't know what happens at the end of 2.0?


      The main premise remains but several details have been changed. The biggest one happens at the end of 2.0. By the way, it's 2.0 because it's the second movie in this new retelling, not because it is in itself the version 2.0 of the original show.

      Also, get your facts straight: the original series only had two endings and neither of them happened because fan pressure. The TV ending was a philosophical introspection of the characters that the studio had to cobble together after the first run of the series had rather lukewarm ratings and their budget dried up. Once Eva become a hit cult thing and they got a lot of money, they released the ending movies to show the originally-planned ending.

    Gendo looks WEIRD without his facial hair.

      More maniac, you mean. Good thing I didn't plan to sleep tonight.

    Why are they doing a promotional tie-in with a film that doesn't come out for a year or more? Isn't 3.0 scheduele for something like September 2013?

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