YouTube Comes To Vita And Brings Sexy With It

Today's PlayStation Store update brings a free YouTube app to the Vita, with a style that puts other portable video playing devices to shame.

Streaming videos are sure to look amazing on the Vita's screen, and it definitely helps that YouTube and Sony came up with an application to view them looks to be 10 times more functional than the sort of thing you get on the iPhone.

Videos will be viewable in two modes — full screen and small screen. In Full Screen mode, a control panel will be displayed on the screen, which will allow you to easily expand or minimize videos. Additionally, an HD button will appear when playing high definition (up to 720p) videos. Simply tap on the HD button to switch from HD to SD.

Isn't that pretty? If I actually carried my Vita anywhere this sure would come in handy.

Download YouTube for PS Vita Today [PlayStation Blog]


    Looking forward to downloading this tomorrow.
    More applications and functionality are always welcome.

    With all that money flowing around in phones/tablets etc, you'd think that those corporations would swing some petty cash into making the most popular apps/utilities a little more usable and accessible.

    Just goes to show how much you're getting dicked, and that paying for something means shit all for software quality.

      Why iOS doesn't let you decide between HD and SD anywhere besides some checkbox buried in iTunes, I'll never know

        There's a hd/sd option? In iTunes? For me it always defaults to a very low quality whenever I'm viewing over 3G on the default app.

    It was a big disappointment that I couldn't do this when I got my Vita, I like to watch you tube videos while I am waiting places or while laying in bed and that extra .7 of an inch over my phone makes a big difference and with the nice high def OLED screen they will look nice

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