Zynga Knows How To Throw A Party

I'm currently at Zynga HQ in San Francisco, where they're having a mondo press event called "Zynga Unleahed."

I've never been to Zynga HQ before and… well man, this place is intense. It's the size of a mini-mall, with all sorts of kiosks lining the main hall. Pets are always welcome at Zynga (hence the dog logo, and the "unleashed" pun in the event title), so there are dogs and cats running all over the place.

I shot this video of the event just before they started talking, with a bit cut in in the middle where the entire Zynga SF team lined the many levels above us. This building looks like a converted parking garage? It's intense. See for yourself.


    $85m loss... Good to see they have their priorities sorted


    if only they applied their party-throwing skills to game design!

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