10 Games You Should Buy During The Steam Summer Sale

10 Games You Should Buy During The Steam Summer Sale

Get your wallets out. Valve’s annual Steam Summer Sale is here, and with it comes a deluge of ridiculous sales on excellent games.

But the wilderness of wonderful discounts can be tough to navigate. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. The staff of Kotaku has put together a list of 10 games you should totally buy.

Our recommendations are based on both game quality and relative discount. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the sale, many of these prices will fluctuate over the next few days. Check out the timer on each Steam listing to see how much longer each sale will last.

Here they are:

Portal 2 ($US5): Not only is Valve’s first-person puzzler both brilliant and hilarious, it will legitimately make you feel smarter as you play. For $US5!

Rayman Origins ($US15): A colourful, bouncy platformer that relives the good old days of golden age platforming.

Sega Genesis Classic Pack 5: There are tons of great gems packed into this Genesis collection. Beyond Oasis and Wonder Boy in Monster World are well worth your time. And Phantasy Star IV is worth just $US5.99 on its own. (Pack 4 is also a great deal!)

SpaceChem ($US$4.99): An indie puzzle game based on chemistry that Stephen says is much more fun than it sounds.

Terraria ($US2.50): Minecraft meets Metroid in this top-notch indie hit.

The Walking Dead ($US18.74): Kirk and Tina are nuts over this episodic adventure game. Only two out of five episodes are out so far, but with this package, you’ll get them all as they’re released.

Crusader Kings II ($US10): One of Luke’s favourite strategy games and when modded the best Game of Thrones video game out there.

Legend of Grimrock ($US6): An addictive first-person dungeon crawler reminiscent of old-school games like Stonekeep.

Remember, the whole sale ends on July 22. Enjoy!


  • I fully agree about Deus Ex, I got it when it was cheap the other week! and picked the rest up this morning for the flash deal price including DLC, bargain I say! Especially if I get as much joy out of them as I did Human Revolution!

  • Civilization V is $34.95 on my steam… surely the price hasn’t changed in the six minutes since this article was posted?

    • we get screwed in AUS for this particular title…the US store price is what is mentioned above… buy it elsewhere… green man gaming has had it on special many times and its steam activated…

      also some of the prices mentioned above are for today only… others could go cheaper during the sale… articles like this are BAD because they don’t properly inform people on how these steam sales work…

    • Looks like this article is not including the customary “Being in Australia” tax that is applied to quite a few games on steam.

        • Oh yeah, I know I can get it cheap from there, but it’s still just wrong that Skyrim on sale online is still more expensive than on disc (unless there’s a JB sale on that I’m unaware of?)

  • The 2k pack looks good for once, with the inclusion of civ, the darkness 2 and, released only last week sometime, Spec Ops: The Line – which is gathering acclaim everywhere.

  • I wouldn’t mind playing The Walking Dead, but I might wait until the retail release. I sitll haven’t finished the Back to the Future episodes. :S

    • You’ll be waiting a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, the game still has 3 more episodes to release which are roughly at the end of each month, not to mention the 1 week + to import it since it will never be released here.

  • And now for the region asshattery (US Store Prices / differences)
    2K Pack – $49.99
    THQ Pack – $49.99
    Rockstar Pack – $49.99
    Telltale Pack – $49.99
    Bethesda Pack (Not available in AU store) – $49.99
    Square Enix Pack (Not available in AU store) – $49.99
    Valve Pack (not available in AU store) – $49.99

    Modern Warfare 3 – $29.99

    And the publisher packs get worse year after year… ><

    • Not really, these are just ‘best of’ packs. The full publisher packs normally come out at the Christmas sales. BTW, loving the Steam badges. It would be cool if they unlocked things…

  • Also get Lone Survivor, a great 2D indie horror title that has a better Silent Hill vibe than recent Silent Hill games.

  • I would’ve got Legends of Grimrock, but if a game is on gog.com, I’d rather buy it from there.

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