10 Hidden SNES Gems

The Angry Video Game Nerd's Mike Matei knows the Super Nintendo better than I did and spends a half hour in this video showcasing 10 obscure SNES games that I've never seen. These games seem very cool.

His 10 obscure SNES gems:

10. Rock and Roll Racing 9. Hagane 8. Knights of the Round 7. Magic Sword 6. Run Saber 5. Space Megaforce 4. The King of Dragons 3. Demon's Crest 2. Firepower 2000 1. Wild Guns

Don't get too upset if he excluded an old, obscure favourite of yours. Matei talks about several more games than those 10 and explains why he's excluded a few others. Plus, he offers some non-piracy methods for downloading some of these games to modern consoles. This is a good video and a reminder to me that, no, Act Raiser was not obscure at all. It was fun, but... obscure? No way.

Top 10 Obscure SNES Gems by Mike Matei Super Nintendo [YouTube]


    How is Rock n Roll racing obscure!?

      I'm a big Nintendo fan, and I have never heard of any of these, including Rock n Roll racing. It makes me wonder just how big of a fan I really am.

        I owned:
        10. Rock and Roll Racing
        7. Magic Sword
        5. Space Megaforce
        4. The King of Dragons
        3. Demon’s Crest
        2. Firepower 2000
        1. Wild Guns

        I STILL own Demon's crest and wildguns for my Snes, and play them every couple of months, Firepower 2000 was an epic game, i lost my copy tho :(

      It wasn't even that good honestly. Ironman's Super Offroad was very similar and all around better.

        What are you talking about?

        I had this game on nearly permanent rent from the local video store due to playing it so much.

        It was amazing.

      I was thinking the same thing. I lived and breathed that game as a kid.

        I dunno... Rock'n'roll racing had paranoid by black sabbath in it.

    Well 3 of those are ports of Capcom CPS1 games - all of which I played in the arcade and at home, so definitely not obscure.

    Anyone who hasn't played Rock and Roll racing should be slapped....hard.

    Rock n Roll Racing was the bomb! I've been trying to find a game to feel my "race and blow shit up pile"and whilst Post Apocaylptic Racing has come close, its lack of an online presence makes me cry.

      hmm Tuesday-morning-itis.... "feel my “race and blow shit up pile" should actually read "fill my “race and blow shit up void". Im gonna crawl back into bed.

    Wild guns was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Under no circumstances can it be suggested that rock and roll racing is obscure.

    Im with top post, rock and roll racing isnt obscure at all...
    Thats made by the predecessor to blizzard "silicone and synapse" :)

    Even i own that one, fking love it!
    The remixed rock music is awesome!

    Expect no less from blizzard ;)

    One it's a Blizzard title. Two... THE STAGE IS SET, THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! /cue music

    Rock and roll racing was no hidden gem, it was THE best SNES game.

    I had no idea Knights of the round and King of Dragons even made it to the snes - they were too of my favourite arcade games I sued to run through during the old timezone super sessions when I was a kid. Ahhh Capcom's glory days.

    I had the Amiga 500, and had these 2 games on it called Silkworm and Silkworm IV (4?) So i assume it was the SWIV he's talking about.
    The title screen was the exact same as Firepower 2000. Was a heaps better quality game on the A500 than on the SNES btw. Fantastic game, seeing this video makes me want to go back and play them.

      Probably should start comparing A500 to Snes...

      Snes is just gunna lose...

        I know. The A500 was just far ahead of its time.

    no Tetris Attack?

      +10 I've played dozens of line-3 games ever since and not a single one comes close to be so engaging or difficult.

      No Stunt Race FX, though?

    Seriously?? Okay super swiv might be osbscure but its hardly worth mentioning.. Compared to the likes of Contra and other random shoots on the list it was boring as all hell.

    I haven't checked Jame's channel in a week, and because of that, Kotaku thrusts Mike's latest in my face. Cheers guys! :D

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