$30 Glasses Let You Play Pong Using Your Eyes

Look, ma! No hands! A team of researchers in the UK have invented a pair of glasses that let the user control a game of Pong using nothing but their eyes. The best thing? They only cost $US30 thanks to off-the-shelf technology.

Dr Aldo Faisal from the Department of Computing Imperial College is the man behind this awesome piece of kit that has been designed to help people with MS, Parkinson's or mobility difficulties control computers.

According to a paper published by the researchers, these glasses track eye movements in 3D rather than in 2D like some eye-tracking applications have done previously. It only takes 10-minutes of training to get the thing going with an individual user and it costs reportedly 800 times less than other brain-machine interface devices.

The rudimentary application of Pong being controlled by the glasses was used to demonstrate how the movement of the eyes determines where a mouse cursor, for example, would work.

Would you wear these to control your computer?


    That's all well and good. But how are you supposed to see what you are doing if your eyes are darting left and right all the time?

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