3DS Now Officially Has DLC

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy launches today, and with it comes the Nintendo 3DS's first-ever batch of downloadable content.

Here's the list of tracks you can get, each for a buck:

1. "Battle Theme 1" (FINAL FANTASY II) 2. "The Final Battle" (FINAL FANTASY IV) 3. "Fighters of the Crystal" (FINAL FANTASY XI) 4. "Fighting Fate" (FINAL FANTASY XIII) 5. "In Search of Light" (FINAL FANTASY V) 6. "Cosmo Canyon" (FINAL FANTASY VII) 7. "Ride On" (FINAL FANTASY VIII) 8. "A Fleeting Dream" (FINAL FANTASY X)

Congratulations, 3DS! You've made it. You've finally made it.


    Despite having to wait for my copy to arrive from the US next week I might as well download all of these today. Now if only squeenix could get back to more XIII-2 DLC.


    about time :D

    The first DLC is day 1 DLC too. Great.

      Good sign, isn't it?

    Paid DLC = BAD M'kay

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