A Creeper's Tour Of Melbourne

Daniel Higgins and his friend Evan headed to Melbourne to check out the awesome Game Masters exhibit in Melbourne. But what does one do once they've seen Game Masters? Where do you go from there? You take your new creeper buddy on a tour of Melbourne of course!

Looks like the little creeper enjoyed himself!

Creeper at Flinders Street Station

Creeper at Parliament House

Then he stopped for lunch...

Creeper On Adam Lindsay Gordon

Creeper at Federation Square

Big day, huh lil' buddy?

You can check out more pics of the creeper's Melbourne adventure here!


    better not blow up near my house

    Where do I get one of those?

      I bought one of those at Minotaur in Melbourne for a mate's birthday

      I bought that one from EB. $28 well spent, I say.

      They also sell them at Jinx. :D


    Is it too early to be hungry for Chinese food?

    Hey, I bought one of those from EB last Thursday!

    Too bad it's in the original box, because I'm still looking for a new place to live >:

    To engage in acts of violence against a deceased equine mammal, I wonder if his comment for everything was "SSSaaay, that's a nice house/statue/chinese meal/hedge/tram."

    I saw these guys at Classic Comics on Bourke St. they were very friendly blokes. Nice little photo montage here.

      It's true. We are. :)

    Thanks for the post Mark! It was a blast taking all those pics. You can find all the pics on Evan's Instagram as well - http://statigr.am/moststrange

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