A Moving Tribute To The Men Who Have Slapped Prince Joffrey


    Love the video. Makes me feel better about wanting a 12 year old to die a horrible death!!!

      Oh he'll die a horrible death possibly sooner than later in the show.. Moohoohaha

    Spoiler alert

      I know! Soon [spoiler]. And [spoiler] got blamed for it and then [spoiler]ed [spoiler]. And we find out that [spoiler] doesn't actually [spoiler] [spoiler].

    Is a song about nothing really, because Joffrey is poisoned by Olenna Tyrell during his wedding to Margaery Tyrell. John Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Rob Stark is killed by the Freys and Roose Bolton at the wedding of Edmure Tully to a Frey at the Twins. George Martin dies before finishing the books.

      Thank you! Im sick of having to pussy foot around when discussing my favorite series. Series is over 15 years old, to hell with anyone who hasnt read it yet.

    lulz...but what about the people that are only interested in watching the show?

      If they were being released simultaniously I would be more worried. But the first 3 books have been public knowledge now for over a decade. It is not the responsibility of the rest of us to tip toe around those who didnt read it. It is their responsibility to avoid any talk about a series which began in 1996.

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