A Surprisingly Beautiful Valve Video

To date, most people have been using Valve's Source Filmmaker for comedic purposes, but let's remember, comedy is but one genre. So it's nice seeing this clip that's reminding us the tools can be used for more serious stuff as well.

This is amazing. The effects here rival those of all but the finest in professional pre-rendered trailers, so it's almost intimidating to think what people will be able to come up with when they really get a handle on the software.


    Um... Plunkett... Dude... This IS comedic. Every single bit. How could you think it wasn't?

      Look at the comments on the youtube video.
      Its not meant to be comedic.


        So it's supposed to be like a Uwe Boll film?

    That had about as much emotional impact as a snail being trodden on very slowly.

    "The effects here rival those of all but the finest in professional pre-rendered trailers, "

    No.... no they don't?

    Nice pan and scan slideshow. Can anyone tell me what happened in the slideshow, because I fell asleep after 20 seconds.

    Plunkett proves once again he has no idea what he is talking about

      Why hasn't someone fired him yet?

        Because haters keep giving him attention.

    I liked it.

    Its like he said; the tools can be used for more serious stuff. Even if the clip wasn't intended to be serious (which it seems to be, imo), it does show "what people will be able to come up with when they really get a handle on the software."

      Also; never understood the hate on Plunkett, I like his articles. Generally I find they link me to something I wouldn't of seen otherwise, like this video. I'm sure everyone who reads Kotaku probably has different tastes, so gaming news articles that have a different feel to each other are nice, imo :)

        I think it has to do with how a few of his articles appear to just be something you could expect on someone's FaceBook wall or Twitter. Sometimes he'd post a sentence or two with near to no info at all, or nothing at all save for a picture and a title. Another guess is that some of those whom are bitter towards Plunkett are those who lack a (decent) job.

        Or everyone is the fun police.

        Because in most of his articles, he provides an image or Youtube video, less than 100 words of text, and a link that does his job for him, instead of actually writing articles that offer insight or valuable input into the issue or topic at hand.

        I'd prefer 1 essay discussing something than ten of Plunkett's half-assed pieces of "work".

          Well yeah, but this is a blog about gaming, not a interactive entertainment portal for peer-reviewed essays.

          While I also enjoy reading gaming essays, there are times when a simple paragraph of text and an accompanying interesting story in the form of a series of pictures or videos is just what the doctor ordered; especially after I've just read 2 or 3 other long interesting Kotaku articles.

          I guess it's personal taste, but that's kind of what I'm getting at; there's no reason for hate, or say that he's ruining people's enjoying by posting more simple and easy-to-digest articles. I'm not the only person who skips articles if they don't interest me, surely?

    Although this might not be the best example of cinematography, Plunkett does have a point (in a roundabout way). There are a lot of sources out there that players can get their hands on and mess around with. I'm not saying this is a brilliant example of games as art (especially after just finishing Heavy Rain), but it does offer a nice contrast to some of the other Valve Source vidoes we've seen so far. I'd like to see more people attempt to build on this concept and turn it into something that's slightly more news-worthy.

    For some reason the beginning of that clip make me imagine a recreation of the Dead Island trailer using TF2 characters. Now THAT would be an achievement, assuming that anybody could actually pull it off.

      That trailer came to my mind as well, although I'd prefer something similar and more relevant to something copied.

    It seems like they were trying to make "The Carousel" style video but they don't quite get there.

    It was alright, but it needed more movement.

    slow news day

    A better Love Story than Twilight.

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