A Team Fortress Musical Worthy Of Valve

Of the many, many splendid films we've seen made with Valve's new Source Filmmaker tools, this one is my favourite yet. YouTuber burningfajitasalt (nice!) has put together this video to accompany Ken Ashcorp's lovely song "Just One More Hat," a musical tribute to the many hats of Team Fortress 2.

In the video, the scout raises his hands to the heavens and does his best Ariel impression. And what do you know… it's surprisingly affecting! Especially the end. Excellent stuff.

Next, I hope someone recreates the actual Little Mermaid entirely using Source. It wouldn't surprise me if there was someone out there working on it right now...


    That was fantastic!!!!!! Worthy of the best of Disney! 11/10!

    Notice how short comments sections are, when there's nothing to complain about!

    I don't like TF2. But that was incredible.

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