A Tribute To Old Video Game Maps

What did you do over the weekend? See some friends, go out to dinner, play some games? Me, I sat in front of a monitor, then a printer, and went through this spontaneous collection of old video game maps.

Younger readers, accustomed to things like waypoint markers and mini-maps, may not be aware just how important proper maps used to be in a game. Sure, they're still around, and games like Skyrim make use of them, but even then it's not like it used to be.

Many older games, adventure titles especially, made you use it like a real map. It was the only way to get around. That made you appreciate a good one, and a good one became something you cherished about a game as much as a character or scenario.

And the times that they were just pretty? You loved those too.

Post awesome adventure game maps [NeoGAF]


    Brought here by World of Xeen. Big nostaliga for the Indiana Jones.

    /me sighs. The comment box *told* me there was a spelling error, but I was just in such a huge hurry to hit that submit button.

    I still cherish my *fabric* map from BG2

      still got mine too, one of the few older games I still own the box to, sadly, they don't make em like they used to, even now 90% of collectors editions are basically regular editions with a bunch of digital crap :'(

    I remember thinking it was so awesome when I opened up Golden Sun and there was a map of the world packed in there. Same again with the sequel.

    I loved Dungeon Keepers map, pretty damn cool.

    strangely I still have every map that I've ever received with a game, as well as all the boxes, scary that I can name all those maps up above too.

    No love for Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain? It was probably among the last of this dying breed.


    needs more HOMM!

    <3 Heroes of Might and Magic, still play it weekly

    That Legend of Zelda 2 map just gave the biggest nostalgasm

    Modern Zelda games should just look at that Zelda 2 map for the next game. Odd that an 8-bit world can seem so endless and modern games feel like shiny cages lined with whistles and fairies.

    Ahh I remember blue tacking maps to walls as a kid - I know the original Pirates! map from my C64 days was up for a long time right next to the ones I had for Deathlord, and F19 Stealth Fighter.

    Love all the world maps, but still have a fondness for the starmap from Star Control 2. Useful for navigating but also required to load the game as an old style copy protection.

    No Skara Brae?

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