Abandoned Airport Is A Video Game Level Come To Life

Abandoned Airport Is A Video Game Level Come To Life

Art may imitate life from time to time, but here’s a rare example of life imitating a video game.

This collection of eerie images from an abandoned Spanish transport hub look cool in their own right, but what I found interesting about them was how they looked (to me at least!) like actual photographs of something you normally only see in something like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Ciudad Real’s airport and high-speed rail terminal cost the Spanish government over €1 billion to build and market, and was opened in 2009 to much fanfare. Now, only three years later, it’s a ghost town, the train station unfinished, the air terminals abandoned and walled off. It’s a rotting monument to Spain’s current financial meltdown.

It also looks just like a Call of Duty map (or a map from any other modern military shooter). Take a look at the images. Just like a CoD map, despite being a pristine and enormous structure there’s not a single wandering or otherwise innocent human being to be seen (though, occasionally, some guys have to paint giant warnings on the runway telling pilots they can’t land there). No trace of life whatsoever. It’s just…you, and the giant buildings, looking out, and that’s it.

It’s the kind of place you’d set a level in. Sure, the world has no shortage of modern “ghost towns”, especially in places like China, but endless rows of apartment buildings or abandoned skyscrapers are boring. A rotting airport, with terminal buildings and gangways and steps everywhere, that’s exactly the kind of place, with exactly this kind of architecture, you find in a game like Battlefield or Call of Duty.

There are also random, convenient piles of debris scattered all over the place. There’s not a single mountain of garbage…just some concrete pipes over here, a waist-high pile of old bathtubs over there, all very clichéd shooter map window dressing (and handy if you were scrambling around in need of cover from intermittent gunfire).

It’s even fenced in, completing the illusion that it’s a lifeless, enclosed “arena” (aka a video game) and not a part of the surrounding countryside (aka the rest of the planet).

You can see more images, and read more about the doomed project, below.

Spain’s ghost airport: The €1BILLION transport hub closed after just three years that’s now falling into rack and ruin [Daily Mail, via Complex]








  • Just yesterday I stepped outside and saw a shrub and thought they ripped it from call of duty. Is nothing original anymore???

  • But it’s still not “life imitating a video game,” is it? It’s just life that has previously been ripped off by video games.

    • C’mon give Luke credit, this is actually a pretty good article. It’s got a good, game geek relevant spin. I say good work to Luke for once.

      • Agreed. The Luke bashing on this site has become moronic and irritating. Just ban the motherfuckers. They contribute nothing. Far less than Luke himself contributes.

          • Can’t we have a Luke article without complaining about Luke/the article OR complaining about the complaining about Luke/the article?

            At least, not when it is a decent effort?

          • You said it. We can rant and curse moronically from the safety of our keyboard and we have every right too. But Luke get paid to do it… Luke 1, Morons 0.

        • I’m sorry, were you under the impression that WE are the ones who need to contribute? We’re the customers here, this site is a service for us, we’re not a service for anyone. We don’t owe anything to this site and therefore I am not obliged to provide more contribution than the authors themselves.

          If I want to criticise I damn well will, and I believe that most of what you call “hate” is relatively accurate criticism.

          • I wouldn’t really use the term customers tbh.

            You’re reading something for free. Its essentially a gaming blog. If you want New York Times articles go pay for a sub to that.

            You’re attitude is really draining “this site is a service for us, we’re not a service for anyone. We don’t owe anything to this site” – you have nothing invested in it, nothing riding on it – if you dont find an article interesting move on.
            There internet is full enough of keyboard queens.

            Back on topic – this place looks awesome. Agreed that it should be paintball. Reminds the one with the gates reminds me of Terminal from MW2.

          • I look at the comments section as more of a discussion area. Like any discussion area, if all you do is complain then don’t be surprised if you’re frowned upon. I’m not against valid criticism, but I am against snark for the sake of snark. And it’s mostly snark.

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