Activision’s Making A Walking Dead FPS

Activision’s Making A Walking Dead FPS

Telltale Games may have a hit on their hands with an adventure-game take on The Walking Dead. But Activision wants to go in a different, more combat-oriented direction with the just-revealed Walking Dead first-person shooter.

IGN via GameRanx]


  • Walk of duty………yay. there goes character interaction, heart, involvement etc. telltale have nothing to worry about.

  • Once again activision shows a complete lack of understanding of the property that they are destroying…
    I mean a first person shooter in the walking dead universe just makes no sense! its been shown over all the episodes that firing a gun is the worst thing that you can do as it attracts a fucktone of zombies… Maybe first person survival would work but I don’t think activision is capable of that level of subtlety.

  • Um okay then..

    As said a survival RPG would be way more suited to this game adaptation of a TV show/graphic novel, just because previous zombie games use solely guns for a method of defence doesn’t mean this should, silly Activision..

  • Oh god. Have you guys seen activision half-ass games? (Battle ship FPS) repeated missions, only up to 5 guns, and story? “they’re attacking, go do something”.

    GG to Walking Dead.

  • *sigh* My only hope is that it doesn’t give the property as a whole the view of being a trigger happy zombie fest aka Left for Dead. The best thing about The Walking Dead property wasn’t that it had zombies (although zombies rock) but more the interactions and actions of the people involved in this apocalyptic setting. Tell Tale hit the nail right on the head in their adventure game. The episodes are engaging and especially the the second episode in particular have very little to do with the zombies themselves other than being a plot device of the world they live in. (TLDR; The zombies don’t make The Walking Dead, the people and circumstances do.)

  • More news:
    Apparently it follows Daryl and Merle Dixon in the time leading up to episode 1 of the TV show. HORRIBLE idea. Why?

    1. 2 established characters, NEITHER can die during the course of the game. Both are *safe*.
    2. You will never truly ‘bond’ with your character. Norman Reedus is Daryl Dixon and Michael Rooker is Merle Dixon. You will never actually ‘be’ those characters.

    I’m not against this, I just think it’s useless being those guys. Sure, have them cameo as Glen and Herschel did in TWD game episode 1 but you really shoud be a new character… it allows for tragedy, scope, character building…

    Wait, this IS Activision isn’t it…

  • The only positive I can see based on this small news piece is that more money to Kirkman equals better chance for the comic to continue.


    On one hand, I love the Walking Dead’s focus on human interaction, its ‘no character is sacred’ mantra, and the depths of despair it takes the reader/player (not saying view, the TV show doesn’t count) to, when even the ‘right’ decisions have bad outcomes.

    On the other hand… God I love shooting zombies.

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