Adventure Time's Beemo Is A Game Boy AND A Camera

Beemo, the true star of TV series Adventure Time, isn't just an adorable little portable gaming system with more than a passing resemblance to Nintendo's Game Boy. He/she/it is also an alarm clock, music player, video projector and, in this awesome 3D image, a camera.

If you thought at first this was an action figure, you're not alone. I was halfway to my credit card before I realised it was "just" an image.

Beemo is Camera! [DeviantArt, via fyeahadventuretime]


    Oh come on, there's no excuse not to at least make the screen have BMO's face, and have the camera as the mouth or something.

      Why would they eschew accuracy and change the design? This rendition is actually accurate to the show.

        Well I'll be jiggered. Forgot that episode. Guess I'll retract my comment then! :D

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