Almost All Of 2012's Top Selling Games Were Released Last Year

As reported by MCV, NPD Group Australia has revealed the top ten selling games in Australia in the first half of 2012. I found the results interesting for two reasons. First off, Diablo III took top spot, despite the fact the numbers did not include digital sales and, secondly, the majority of the top 10 were released in 2011.

1. Diablo III 2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 3. Mass Effect 3 4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 5. Skylanders 6. Battlefield 3 7. Max Payne 3 8. Assassin's Creed Revelations 9. Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games 10. Saints Row: The Third

Asides from that there are no real surprises — and you could argue that Diablo III sitting on top is hardly a surprise either. Interestingly enough, when we spoke to Activision's Ben Gaetz last year, he was insistent that a majority of their PC sales came through retail. It surprised me then, and it surprises me now. If there was a more reliable way to assess precisely what the split was, I'd be interested to read it.

Top Ten sellers in 2012 so far in ANZ [MCV Pacific]


    It surprises me Max Payne isn't higher.

      Well we are talking just the PC platform here. It probably sold more on consoles than it did on PC.

      Having said that though, it has been reported in the past that Max Payne 3 didn't meet Rockstar's sales expectations at all, despite being positively reviewed.

        The problem I keep running into when I think about buying it is that the game runs 27gb, and retail can't be activated on Steam!

        No we arent neither sky landers or Mario and sonic were sold on PC

        The list is just games in general.

        Mark made an afterstatement about wanting to see the proportion of PC game sales by retail/digital.

        Though even then there are some issues since some of the less reputable sites tend to buy retail copie in a country with cheaper prices and then sell those keys digitally

      It disappoints me that Diablo III is #1.

        Are you sure this list is PC only? Because I don't think that skylanders and Mario and sonic Olympics were released on PC

          skylanders was, mario and sonic would be wii/ds only

            There's a skylanders internet game on the PC using codes that come
            with the figures, but you can't play the actual game itself on the
            PC can you?

        It doesn't disappoint me.

        Aside from being a highly anticipated game that was always going to sell well, I got a shitload of hours of fun out of it. It was only when I hit the wall that is Inferno act 1 that I put it aside (that's where my friends stopped as well).

        It's not a perfect game but I got my money's worth from it. People have really exaggerated how "bad" the experience was because they had expectations that it didn't meet. It was a flawed launch of a flawed game, the first part was expected when you consider that it is one of the largest online game releases ever. The second is unfortunate but it wasn't flawed enough to stop me having fun.

        That's all that mattered to me. That I had fun.

          Pretty much all of this. Here, have an internets for your troubles.
          Played D3, enjoyed it despite its issues. Stopped playing at about inferno act 2 but could quite easily have stopped at some point during act 1. Didn't feel like I wasted my money but probably won't pick it up again for quite some time.

          Exactly this. Stopped at Inferno Act 2 and haven't gone back to it
          since. There's only so many times you can play the campaign. The
          disconnection issues were a real PITA though, which took away some
          of the enjoyment.

      eh? it came out roughly the same time as diablo3 which most people opted to go for first. After all its hype settled and people realised it was a pretty average game everyone really lost interest in it.

      If they picked a better date it would of done far better not that it deserves to.

    It would be nice if The Witcher 2 made an appearance on this list and reward the guys for being so bloody awesome.

      CD Projekt are so awesome I bought it twice. Didn't Mass Effect
      come out this year?

    They can't seriously be surprised their Digital Sales weren't higher? They were asking more than retail in most occasions.

    Maybe charging Australian $80 for a game is a bad move when you're after digital sales..

    It doesn't really surprise me that most of these are 2011 games. What does surprise me is Diablo 3 being top of the list. I know people loved the previous Diablo games and that Blizzard is a major name in gaming but I always figured that a game like Diablo, a top down dungeon crawler, was a little too niche to hold up to games like CoD or Battlefield in sales, let alone beat them.

      lol u kidding me right how is clone of same principle game (aka
      COD) is any different from clone of Diablo a likes? all the old
      school gamers came back to the computers just to play this one coz
      they had good times with 2... no other game did that in a last
      'few' years ... and thats why Diablo III is on top... (not gone go
      in to how good it is thats a whole different story)

    With digital sales and international imports representing an ever-increasing proportion of modern sales and commerce, how can this be claimed in any way to be an even remotely accurate indication of the popularity of sales?

    I am constantly blown away by the sales that Nintendo makes with a lot of their really average games. I would imagine that their Olympics game will keep making sales throughout the Olympics as well and it probably cost them a miniscule amount to make compared to the other games on that list.

    Until Steam, Desura and other online digital distribution services release sales numbers then PC data will always be off. :(

      Absolutely, every month that goes by with increasing digital sales, is a sales chart that's less accurate than the last. Its a pity that Steam figures aren't released, I cant help but feel like its holding something back.

    It's not so strange, when you think about it. These are sales YTD
    (year to date), and the fourth quarter is where all the sales are
    in any given year. I suspect when the numbers come in,
    multiplatform titles like Assassin's Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 will
    dominate after two months on the shelves, and will continue to do
    so into 2013. It is a shame about Max though, because it's pretty

    '9. Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games' Seriously,
    who's buying this shit?

    I liked the game that had the 3/III/Third at the end : P Srstho,
    seems like there aren't any original IPs here, which is a little
    disappointing. Include digital sales and Minecraft might be on here
    and potentially even Amnesia. SR3 would have a nice boost from the
    recent Steam Sales too, I'd imagine.

    I still buy some things retail .. when the digital price is INSANE.
    I saved $40 when I bought a copy of diablo 3 for my girlfriend and
    myself from JB instead of directly from blizzard.

    It's been a pretty average year so far this year. I've not bought a
    single retail game this year that was actually released this year,
    just a few leftovers from last year like Batman: Arkham City and
    Assassin's Creed Revelations, and I've had a whole bunch of
    freebies through PS+. I think the only 2012 game I've actually
    bought so far this year has been Journey.

    And I haven't played a single one of them.

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