An Earthquake Sets The Scene For Battlefield 3's Next Map Pack

We didn't get a release date for Aftermath, the next set of four maps for Battlefield 3's multiplayer, but an official page does provide some detail as to what it includes. New vehicles and a new game mode are featured on four new maps set in Tehran after an earthquake. Destructible terrain would seem to be highlighted in this set. [Official site]


    Aftermath isn't the "next" bf3 map pack, armoured kill is.

      +1. Slopy work by the writer on this. DO YOUR FUCKING RESERCH INSTED OF GETTING IT OUT QUICK... FFS

        relax you neckbeard

        learn to spell before trying to insult

          learn to stop being a grammer/spelling wanker on the internet, cos no ONE CARES.

            I care. You even spelt 'grammar' wrong.

    So many articles gave linked that bf3 site and not once have I been able to access the aftermath expansion info

    civvie vehicles, oh god more bobcats


    If the new assignments are as hard as getting that f*cking EOD bot kill, I'm never buying another EA product again.

      That wasnt too hard at all, you have to find a good place and a good time, out in the open will never work

      I just got my mate to join the opposite team meet up and killed him lol got pissed off after bout 3 games finally got road kill with it and didn't count as kill

      just use the EOD bot to kill a tank with people in, it actually does lots of damage...

      Hold on.... your baseing not buying games from EA on the fact that you can't get an EDO bot kill? Mate, thats more to do with your skill than EA. Or DICE for that matter. EDO bot kills are easy to get on hardcore servers.

        It's called a joke you moron, you think I'm that stupid? Maybe I'm bad at making jokes but I'm not that idiotic.

    how can you not find a recon camping in a hill on caspian border?

    The EOD bot kills were easy as. I just parked it next to a dumpster on Operation Metro patiently waited for someone to use it as cover (guaranteed) then proceeded to calmly drive up behind him and kill him and his team mate that had just spawned on him. Same for the bobcat kill. played on hardcore (no name's above their head) Just parked it near the Bravo capture point on wake island and waited for someone to use it as cover.

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