An Innocent DayZ Bus Ride Turns Into A Fight For Survival

An Innocent DayZ Bus Ride Turns Into A Fight For Survival

A lot of zombie fiction seeks to explore the dark underbelly of humanity — sure, there are flesh-eating undead shambling around, but we are the real monsters. DayZ, the popular Arma II mod, captures that human desperation and darkness in an often unsettling manner.

In this video, a man gets onto a bus. His drivers promise him a refugee camp where he can get all sorts of great gear and weaponry; all he has to do is lay down his arms and go on a ride. After that comes… well… watch it for yourself.

(Via Quarter to Three)


    • I spent 3 hours last night lost in the woods, I don’t know if I was going in circle or what. 😐

  • Awesome. I love that these guys created an experience that would be right at home in any post apocalyptic movie. And the fact they let him go alive was great, strangely honourable.

  • I really want to try Day Z but I fear there may be too many downloads (even if I get ARMA2 retail) I’ve strechted my internetcap enough fpr this month

  • that’s actually scary. Those guys would probably try to do this in real life if zombies rose up and took over the world.
    Human kind worries me.

  • Man that’s ruthless….
    I’m glad I picked this up during the steam sales.
    Can’t wait to give it a go.

  • Been alive for 9 days now. Been all over the country, even spent yesterday cycling and hunting game around the North West. Occasionally I dip into and airfield to pick up medical supplies and ammo. With a hatchet, knife, matches and water bottles I’m totally self sufficient now. I stay out of the big southern cities because of all the grievers and low lifes.

  • I’d track them down once I’d found a suitable weapon and kill them from a distance. Laughing as I took my revenge.

  • I’ve been alive for weeks. The main survival rule is never go near the coast or major cities. That is where you will most certainly be sniped/attacked by gangs of bandits. I raid deer stands mostly and with an AKM and a constant supply of ammo, it’s easy to stay alive. I learnt never to trust anyone you don’t know IRL. Nothing better than teaming up with RL friends or long-distance mates. The poor fellow at the radio tower who died due to a ladder glitch I weep for you. Your 8 blood bags, Alice Pack, AKM and 8 mags have served me well.

  • I’m having a shit load of trouble getting into a server and the two times I have, I was murdered then gitch died. As much as I love the premise, this horrible start is really taking the fun out. Hoping at the very least these loading/creating character issues are sorted out soon.

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