An RPG Classic, In Glorious Minecraft Form

Here's a confession: I'm a sucker for awesome Minecraft projects. Particularly the ones that recreate great RPGs or stunning worlds.

So I got a serious kick out of this blocky version of Chrono Trigger's Millennial Fair, created by Kotaku reader Louis "DarkScryPrime" Petrucci. Petrucci says he used mods like RedPower 2 to construct the project, which even features a giant Gato.

Here's the project from every angle:


    Everytime I played Chrono Trigger, because Gato gave such ridiculous amounts of XP, I would just 'train' against him for ages to grind up levels. Good times.

      I was going to post the exact thing XD.

      Me three. Would always make sure Crono and Marle had all their abilities before their first magic ones before pressing on.

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