Apple Has A Patent For A Physical Video Game Controller

Apple Has A Patent For A Physical Video Game Controller
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It could be that the prayers of iOS gamers everywhere are about to be answered. That’s right: Apple’s making a gamepad.

According to an article on GameRevolution, a patent published today details a Dualshock-style controller that would work with iOS devices connected via RFID or near-field communication protocols. This furthers speculation from a few months ago that Apple was working on such a controller and appears to be a significant shift away from their button-free vision for games on iOS devices.

Drawings from the patent show the game controller working in conjunction with to a “standalone media controller” or video game system. The Apple TV settop box already allows for wireless streaming of iOS games from an iPad or iPod touch, so it could fill either one of those descriptions.

The patent is also a sign that Apple plans to implement NFC technology in its next wave of products, as the document reveals a vision of iDevices controlling various appliances in a connected-home scenario. So, this AppleShock controller wouldn’t just let you steer Batman around Gotham City.

As with all things Apple and patent-related, what is spelled in the document may not actually come to pass. But, a dedicated controller might be the final element in making Apple TV an attractive video game console alternative. For a certain audience, anyway.

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  • Apple patents everything and anything their designs draw on a napkin, its so they can sue people later for ‘stealing’ their idea.

    • God this gets tiresome. ALL major tech companies have IP teams the size of modest companies in their own right that spend all day, every day, creating filing and disputing patents. It is a normal part of business.

  • That does look like a Dual Shock controller. This should be enough to get Sony sending a cease and desist order – or will they wait until Apple are ready to bring it to market and then go the injuction route to have them bleeding profits while the suit wallows in the courts.

  • Have to admit that it’s funny Apple have been suing Samsung for more than a year now because apparently Samsung’s devices look too much like Apple devices…. Well, all I can say now is, I hope the same thing happens now to Apple and Sony sue the shit out of them for using the Playstation controller design 🙂

  • I don’t get technology but if the PS3 and Xbox controllers are wifi or bluetooth or whatever, couldn’t a simple software update make them work for an iPad??

    • Ps3 and Wii use bluetooth I believe, but 360 pad uses some other less standard radio frequency (hence the need for that USB dongle to use on your computer).

  • You now have a term ‘iOS Gamers?’ It’s like creating a specific term for people who watch movies at their local cinema. ‘Oh yeah, I’m a Dendy Civic Movie Watcher’.

    As a developer and a player, if I could use a standard type controller with a more powerful future iDevice transmitting to my tv for games, that’d be awesome, it would be a whole new avenue for us developers to produce games for tv screens and standard inputs without the overhead of PSN or Live.

      • I’m talking about the clunky design and red tape overhead of those stores, not a financial overhead. The current app store financial ‘overhead’ is about a hundred bucks.

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