Are New Yorkers As Unfazed By Zombies As They Are By Public Poopers? Lets Find Out.

New Yorkers will ignore a lot of oddities walking down the streets of the city. You have to, because you encounter the weirdest things. Like a guy licking his shoe clean on the subway. Or people who like to poop in public. It happens.

But, apparently, some things do freak out some New Yorkers. And the walking undead, what with their hanging flesh and vibrant eye colour that I haven't really seen explained in any literature yet, is definitely one of those things.

Zombie Experiment NYC [YouTube via Reddit]


    Lol, that's some good makeup artistry

    That's pretty good... surprised noone put a bullet in one of their
    heads though ;) lol guess the world really ISNT that zombie ready

      one guy did something similar and had a gun pointed at him, its
      only a matter of time

    Glad though that their first response is to back away, rather than
    ignore it, or run right up and see if they're okay.

    would you go to jail for murder if you shot one in the head.... i
    think trying to stop a zombie apocalypse is a pretty good defence

    Is this what has become of Kotaku "journalism"? Why do we put up
    with "oh cool youtube video - post"? This is a campaign to raise
    awareness that Dish has dropped AMC and the Walking Dead, so please
    go to the site and learn more about why Dish is ridiculous. You
    could have at least dropped that sentence into your article. It's
    like posting a video of naked girls in cages without explaining
    it's a PETA protest.

      Meh. It's zombies. Zombies are in games. Games are fun. Fun is
      awesome. Awesome is cool. Cool is great. This is great. Six degrees
      of Kevin Bacon.

      Irrespective of its intention as an awareness video, it also does
      what the article title says, show us that most people are
      relatively unfazed by an odd zombie here and there, which is cool.
      If you really want a game reference see the comment weresmurf made,
      but also note that this article is in the sub-column "In Real Life"
      dealing with things decidedly "not" gaming as stated in a post
      earlier today

        I saw my comment again... now I want bacon... :/

      Wait, what? There is a vid of naked girls in cages and I watched
      zombies instead?!?

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