ArmA III Drives Straight Through My Heart

Have I gushed about ArmA III lately? OK, fine, have I done it today? No? Then let's continue.

Here's another of the super-realistic military sim's E3 videos, which are new for most of us since practically none of us saw the game at E3.

Remember, this is a sandbox game. Those hills in the distance aren't part of a skybox. If you wanted, you could just drive this APC all the way over there. Provided you managed to avoid "the odd suicidal goat".


    ARMA caters to the real sim freaks - I found them boring as bat shit.

      sad the AI still looks horrid... why o why wouldn't they scamper away at light speed the second the BMP opened fire?... ya sure they are genna take pot shots at an armored vehicle while in open terrain.... ya... sure...

        Generally speaking, the AI is added last because of the amount of processing required and the bugs that would be added. The AI is the most difficult part to code, which incidentally is the whole reason why most companies have buggy AI - and theres a degree specifically for AI coding.

    ArmA II - DayZ
    The best thing that ever happened to the series.

    The Arma series is crap.
    I got the 2nd one last week and couldnt believe how clunky and unfriendly the controls are.
    As i stop turnIng left or right it feels like my character wants to move a inch more, the enviroment looked great but found it unfair when the enemy could see me through a rock wall.

    And the worst part are the guns. I have fired real rifles while in the army and can say Arma over exagerated the recoil heaps. Any soldier who Has trained to use a gun knows how to control there weapons more then the soldiers did in Arma 2.
    The game is just a brocken piece of crap.
    I wonder the map to kill guerilla units moving around the empty fiels or forest to find it takes me 8-15 bullets just to get them on the ground but takes them 1-3 bullets to take me down with unreal pin point accuracy.

    I had more fun with operation flashpoint dragon rising and that was a bad game.

      I'll believe you've been in the Army - you're spelling is offensive.

    Dayz has really been such a come-out-of-nowhere hit because a true survival esque sort of game has never really been offered to us before. I really think if BI wanted to wet it's feet on the MMO market this would certainly be a concept worth developing on and expanding on for sure.

    Really like Arma II. And the DayZ mod is simply superb.

    Arma III is an absolute must for me. The only problem I have is that I want to build a new PC to run it at max.

    Arma and the DayZ mod have pretty much occupied all of my game time over the last 2 weeks.

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