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    How come so many people have to idea how to debate or discuss and instead result to insults and put-downs?

      People tend to think of arguments as a chance to prove they're right instead of convincing the other person. Particularly online, it's more about "winning" than coming to a consensus.

      It doesn't help that we have a fairly adversarial media that likes to pitch two sides against each other instead of examining both sides and seeing which one holds up.

        Have you ever tried to post a comment on Whenever I try to post something intelligent or that gets people to think my post doesn't get published so I did a test to see what they would publish.

        The general thing I picked up was if your comment was inflammatory or trolling you would get published, If you tried to post something other than "Gillard/Abbot are suck" you wouldn't get approved. Don't even try to mention independents.

        So yes most of the main stream media will do anything to create "us vs them" to keep the hits rolling in.

    How do I beat Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls? Any tips?

    I've followed guides, I've levelled up, I've found rings, I've upgraded weapons but I can only finish off Ornstein, and then Smough manages to wipe me out within seconds.

    I need a cheap and nasty tactic here

      Have you tried summoning whatsisface of the lightness so great?

      I'm afraid I can't really help, Ornstein and Smough was what made me give up on that game. I may get back to it. Maybe...

        I have died so many times in that fight now, and I have no humanity left to summon anyone.

        Maybe dying is the trick! I'll die so many times that the floor is covered in my blood which should make the bosses slip and fall over banging their heads.

          You definitely don't have any humanity in item form? No? Lame.

          Maybe you should go kill some rats. They're a great source of humanity, I hear. #SorryICan'tReallyHelp

      My first time, I summoned a helpful other player and they basically solo'd it for me while I stayed out of the way and healed them. My second time, I solo'd it by just running around and stealing in and out on the skinny one and wailing at him two handed.

      I semi-cheesed it.
      As Blaghman says, Solaire is mighty helpful, but if you can get it down to only one of them by yourself, that's fine.
      My way was to kill the Skinny dude first. I had a Lightning Winged Spear +something at the time, and he has a resistance to lightning while Fatman has a weakness, so getting rid of the skinny guy before he powered up really helped.
      Fatman by himself is not a clever dude. Try position yourself so that a pillar is between you and him at all times, because he doesn't know how to run around them. So once he does a heavy attack and misses, dart it, cut/stab/bash him a few times, then run back to the other side of the pillar. Rinse, repeat. Only thing you really need to be careful of is when he jumps in the air to do that AoE lightning attack. That hurts.

        I finally did it! Huzzah! I took out skinny pretty quickly, then managed to get Smough trapped behind a pillar so I hit him with multiple soul arrows until he died. muahaha

    When we're at a point to start showing off, would anyone here be interested in hearing about an indie project my team are working on?

      Sure. You could even post a blog or trailer on the Talk Amongst Yourselfves post to get some discussion and interest going

      *raises lower human horn*

    How will i attempt to beat my own and my friends times when my controller is covered in chicken fat from KFC's new Crunchy Sesame Chicken?? Did they take this into consideration?

      ** Obviously referring to Trials Evolution here.

      It's a conspiracy from KFC. A handful of the people in their head office have top 20 times and now they're handicapping potential contenders by making them play under difficult conditions.

        I knew it! Damn you Colonel Sanders for making me play Trials under delicious conditions.

    So guys, how good is sleep? Pretty good, right?

    (Sorry Mark, had to be done)

      8 hours of uninterrupted bliss. Ahhhhhhhhhh....

      I don't want to upset Mark by bragging, but I actually got a very early night last night. I actually got up at 4:30am thinking it was time to go to work, which was a good thing since I was out of cat food and had to squeeze a trip to the convenience store between it's opening time and my leaving to catch my train, otherwise my cat would've punished my wife. Seriously, whenever the cat is upset with me, she bites my wife's feet so she'll yell at me to fix whatever the problem is.

      Yeah, no it didn't. :P

      I remember when my son was born and I had to live off around two hours of sleep a night for two years. It was like a nightmare world. I can't even imagine how much worse this polyphasic sleep thing would be.

    Kotaku, I find your "Ask Kotaku" articles difficult to navigate to. You should consider organising a shuttle bus to take us from the front page directly to this article, next time you have one of these sessions.

      Perhaps where it says Most Commented, we could have new articles...
      Or we get into a rocket and fly there.
      Much faster.

    I'm looking for an ActionRPG on PS3/PS2/Wii that's in the same vein as Secret Of Mana, Terranigma, etc. from way back in the SNES days. Any suggestions other than Kingdom Hearts?

      ys 1 & 2 on PSP/ DS

        Can I borrow your DS?

    What's the actual price for The Secret World for Australia? On the game's website, it's listed as $49 (presumably US$) but on Origin, it's AU$79.

      I know a guy you bought it on the game's website for $49. I purchsed it on Amazon for $49 plus about $10 postage and then downloaded the game online.

    How's the Shameless Gaming going, everyone?

      I finished my first game today.

      Granted, it was Octodad, so it doesn't really count, but whatever.

      Haven't played ANYTHING! It looks like i'll be doing artwork most nights instead of gaming. which is good and bad.

      - designing/illustrating a shirt for black metal rad dudes Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, nearly finished the initial sketches, it's about doomsday cults!
      - Doing some small illustrations for a show in august, little book plate etching style illos of animals. i want to get them letter pressed but i doubt i'll have time before august comes around.
      - going to (try) and get in my redesign of the fantastic four for Project rooftop, deadline in july 31st. Been collecting references for last 2 days (instead of doing work...). I want to ground them very much in reality, basing them on real/scifi space suits.

      A little off topic but felt like i needed to justify my lack in gaming activities.

        It's good, you're just knocking things off your art pile of shame instead of your gaming pile of shame.

      So far I have passed Uncharted 1&2, Starting 3 tonight.

      Temporarily derailed by double XP in BF3, but tomorrow night I take on GTA IV!

    what is the meaning of life?

    Alright Kotaku, so I've played some Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and I didn't really find it scary, so I'm considering playing through it, and ruining the mood completely with some background music. Thus far, I'm thinking the Stubbs the Zombie version of "Lollipop"(in fact, its whole soundtrack would be pretty good), the original "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"(Thank the ad for the HD version of Serious Sam for that), and of course thanks to Meet the Pyro, "Do You Believe In Magic."

    Anyone have more suggestions for mood ruining songs? Otherwise I'll just put these three on repeat, which will probably just enhance the mood an hour in...

      Haha, I totally love doing the 'mood-ruin' thing. Playing Dead Space on a playlist containing Britney Spears and Katy Perry is fantastic. The supposedly scariest moment of the game so far was quite ruined by the fact that the climactic point was drowned out by the chorus to 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. I was literallly laughing.

      On the other hand, throwing on some Iron Maiden really enhances the mood, especially the ones with slower parts in them (Fear of the Dark).

        I wonder what effect Arch Enemy would have on it?

        I guess there's only one way to find out!

    Third week running.

    Why was there never a sequel to Naruto: Broken Bond? I heard Ubisofts Naruto license may have run out, also heard one of the developers split from Ubisoft - neither have been confirmed yet.

    Does anyone, anywhere know exactly why?! I miss those games.

      I'll settle for people telling me who they main on Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations? Anyone?!
      I swear Naruto games are cool. Mark likes Naruto, remember?

    So you are called into your bosses office and he tells you that this years bonus pool is down from last year. He then continues to tell you what your bonus is - the lowest bonus you've gotten your entire working life. You are so stunned you don't know what to say. That night you say to yourself "Right! Its time to stand up for yourself and tell your boss what you think of this 'bonus'".
    First thing the next morning you waltz up to his PA wanting to organise an appointment with him. She then informs you he has just left on a month long holiday to Croatia.
    Rate from 10-11, how pissed are you?

      You get your annual review, and find out that you're on a pay freeze. Not only that, but the employees with 1 year less experience than you have had their pay brought up to your level in order to differentiate them from the new starters. So even though you've hit your milestones, you're penalised in real terms (not even increased by CPI), and are being paid the same as someone junior to you in order to do more work.

        Let's jump out of the rat race and move to somewhere tropical

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