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    Should I buy a vita? There's a few games I fancy. Is it worth the outlay?

      What games do you fancy?

        Uncharted, metal gear, gravity rush are the ones that have been catching my eye.

          If it's only for a couple of games, it's probably not worth it, but if you think you're going to get plenty of value out of it and like the look of upcoming games (October is looking good) then that's a different.
          I grabbed one at launch and have probably played games on it more than any other platform since then.
          There are some great games out for it already. There's some promising games on their way. It's a lovely piece of hardware. In the end though it's a personal choice.

          Try and get hold of a friend's and check it out.

            Cheers mate, was thinking I might wait until after Christmas when there's a few more games out and chances of a sale. Any serious drawbacks with the system?

              That's probably a good idea, if you don't mind the wait.
              I don't think the system itself has any serious drawbacks.
              Battery life isn't amazing, but it's good enough for me.
              Some people don't like the user interface.
              Transferring media between Vita/PC and media management is nowhere near as straightforward as the PSP.
              Proprietary memory card is kind of annoying and pricey.

    What podcasts does everyone listen to (:Apart from potaku of course)?

      TOFOP (Thirty Odd Foot of Pod) by Charlie Clausen & Wil Anderson and The Shut in Show, by Bajo & his friend Mac. They're pretty good, i've been slack with listening to them of late though.

      How Did This Get Made about bad movies, very funny!

      Rooster Teeth, and more recently, Internet Box. Internet Box is like Rooster Teeth Lite with more swearing and occasional pony discussion. Because half the guys on it subsequently went to work at Rooster Teeth due to their connection with Michael of 'Rage Quit', I find it interesting, otherwise I probably wouldn't.

      I was considering listening to Podtoid, but I'll probably clear my backlog of Internet Box episodes furst.

        My job means I don’t have to talk to people much, a lot of emailing and I am fairly good with multitasking so I listen to a lot.
        Rooster Teeth
        Comedy Button
        Giant Bombcast
        Joe Rogan Experience
        This American Life
        How Stuff Works
        Stuff You Missed in History Class
        Planet Money
        Dan Carlins Hardcore History (this is amazing btw)
        Hollywood Babble-On
        NPR: Story of the Day

          I love when a new episode of hardcore history shows up. Dan really knows his shit and how to make it damn interesting

        Podtoid is really good when they get to talking about videogames. Jim Sterling and the other hosts have some really good opinions on videogame stuff. However, they often get sidetracked on some topics some people might find offensive, so be warned.

      Bombcast, radiolab, this American life, tested, skeptics guide to the universe, hardcore history, wtf are my weekly listens

        Damn, I need to get in on some of these educational sounding podcasts!

      Giant Bombcast
      Weekend confirmed
      My brother my brother and me
      Gamers with jobs
      Irrational podcats( pretty infrequent but they are awesome when they are released)
      Radiolab-I don't listen to every episode just topics that interest me. I suggest you browse the topics you're interested in.
      Gametrailers' side mission briefing
      Geek a week- A fantastic podcast that interviews various 'geek' celebrities for 20 min every week. Some great conversations with guys like Del Toro, Ken Levine etc

      tiesto club life & TATW with Above and Beyond

        since you've started the music
        Gareth Emery Podcast
        Global Sound System with tydi (<3)
        used to listen to symphony with sophie sugar, got sick of her voice.

    Why are people becoming more lazy? By that I mean in terms of gaming and playing games. Where people don't even want to go to LANs anymore or can't even sit in a Custom Game lobby for 30 seconds to discuss the options.

      Possibly because they have attention spans that can only be measured in nanoseconds....

      I'm off to a LAN this weekend \o/ Should be good! Gotta make sure I have all my MP games installed though /o\

    Any word on Witcher 2 for PS3?

      I thought they weren't going to do it because PS3 was too hard to develop for and they probably wanted to move on to other games?

    We need more/better medieval/Roman/Viking games - not just fantasy, but true to history period games.

    After receiving an abusive message from some random person in BF3 the other night (never really had that before - maybe a recent COD convert? :P ) I made use the of "grief reporting" option to report the message. One thing I noticed was that it said that Sony would not provide any kind of information about the status or outcome of your complaint. So the question I've got is - how do we know if they even do anything at all with these reports? How do we know that they don't just all go into some giant, virtual rubbish bin where they get ignored forever? Does anybody know what the process is? Has anybody ever heard of anything happening as a result of this kind of thing?

      My wife was harrassed awhile back by a group of guys who sent her obscene messages, stalked her online and vandalised her Halo Reach fileshare on Not only did they not receive visible bans, they were somehow unblocked from communicating with her after a few days and proceeded to harass her again once she had done everything in her power to prevent her from communicating with them.

      She had attempted to avoid them in matchmaking but they still wound up in games with her, and would torment her and make abusive comments in the game. According one one of the guys, who was actually decent to her and became friends with her (turning his back on his friends in the process), this is something they were prone to do a lot, with no apparent consequences.

      People apparently get banned for this kind of stuff all the time, but I'm guessing there's such a backlog of complaints that nothing happens until the issue is no longer relevant. What's the alternative though? Instabans once a certain complaint threshold is met? Too easy to abuse. :/

      It seems the only time someone gets immediate consequences for their behaviour is when they make the mistake of directly abusing people or cheating in front of an enforcer, and then they'll release edited video trying to make the enforcer look like he was abusing his powers.

        I suspect you're probably more likely to get a result if you can get some publicity. I.e. if you've got video or copies of the messages or whatever and you either have your own gaming site or can get another site to run with it, THEN you might get some action.

        And I suspect it's probably harder to get anything done by Sony since, being a free service, they probably don't dedicate the same kinds of resources to policing it compared to MS.

      Just abuse them back. You will feel better,

        Of course ironically in doing so you'd probably be banned

    Hands up, who has bought or been gifted Secret of the Magic Crystals? GOTY for sure. :P

      I was going to ask about what level you are all at.. Ive got one level 2 horse and I'm now working on 'making' another one... Horse sex FTW. Lesbian horse sex apparently as all my horses have chicks names??

        This is why we need a R18 rating implemented immediately
        Won't somebody think of the children

      I awoke to a copy of this fine piece of gaming this morning, I am very excited to play it!

    Has anyone ever hired an employee who they've immediately regretted, but can't really get rid of because they're not so useless to warrant letting go?

    Got a new guy here, no shit there's a 50/50 chance he'll get his task correct without supervision... These aren't first time tasks either, these are tasks he's been instructed on and done correctly.

    Unfortunately he is kinda helpful to have around, and I don't fancy doing the whole search for a new employee job again (I'm not even his manager, I work in a small team reporting out of another country) and training up a new guy, because the last 3 times it's taken 5 months to find the new person thanks to internal hiring policies... Not to mention a big shakeup that's coming to my companies management.

      I reckon that upcoming management shakeup is your opportunity. Just get him promoted to somewhere out of the way where he won't be your problem any more :D

      You'll have to fill his job again, but maybe you'll get somebody better next time.

      If we only getting it right 50% of the time, it requires 100% of the time supervision. It may seem counter intuitive at first, but he may well detract from the overall performance of your team. Sack 'im

      I work for the government and we have to employ 'redeployees' or work cover cases over direct applicants.
      Some work cover cases are people who genuinely want to work... but a large percentage are not, so you get very little work out of them.
      Redeployees are an interesting thing... because it's so difficult to fire a bad employee most are transferred to a project of some kind, when the project is completed so is their role, hence they become a redeployee.

      Ultimately it means you cant employ someone who actually wants thee job, and you can't fire someone who cant do it.

      Well I'm not responsible for hiring, but I think there's someone in my team who is a regret-hire but they're just good enough that they can't get rid of them, and they offsets the inconvenience of looking for a new person.

        Do you also get one of those awesome systems where you have to advertise the job even if someone has already been hired into the position via a redeployee or the like.

    Thinking of painting up some space marines with a Kotaku theme
    What do you guys think the colour scheme should be?
    use this:
    or describe it to me...

      Bad moon yellow base with tentacle pink trims. Then usual colours for seals and metals.

        If not enough pink then do the packs pink. (on my phone. Thats why I didn't just use the army painter. Sorry.)

      use the howling griffons scheme but add extra black/grey and see if you can make it (the black) sort of metallic.

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