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    How long should of a break should there before before another live-action Batman film (not connected to the existing ones) is made?

      Should wait is a matter of opinion, but what its worth IMDB was an untiled reboot set for 2015.So thats not even as long as Spiderman or X-men waited.

        Might not be a reboot it just won't have bale or Nolan attached. They could simply say that John Blake takes over the mantle and move on with the new character since the movies harp on about how batman needs to be more than a person. It would provide some new angles to deal with batman since you wouldn't have him being rich etc

      If someone has an artistic vision as strong as Nolan's and an interesting take on the series, then I'm more than willing to go see a reboot whenever.

        I want to see a David Fincher Batman movie.

          Darren Aronofsky's crazy take on a Clint Eastwood Batman he outlined a few years ago was VERY interesting. (Might be Batman spoilers in here, so be wary.)

      Honestly? I would say that there needs to be no time. If the films are drastically different, there is no reason that they couldn't co-exist. That being said, the Dark Knight series would HAVE to be finished, otherwise it would cause confusion.

      I honestly think that we could have a new Batman next year as long as it was not titled Dark Knight anything. I think this is why they titled the new Superman Man of Steel, to get away from Superman 1-4 and Superman Returns, something about having the same name seems to say to people "hey, look at this, it's connected in some way" so people naturally draw comparisons and lines despite being 20 years apart. It's sort of similar to Smallville and Superman Returns, the aren' related at all, but when Returns came out, there was almost no discussion of them being the same, I chalk this up purely to the name change. Also the reason they called the new Spiderman, the Amazing Spiderman IMO.

      We could have a reboot the next year as long as the name is different since that signifies new storyline

        Batman begins had batman in the title and more so followed the 2 word convention the originals sequels had

        Man of steel is likely because it's more relevant to the movie he's trying to tell since if it's an origins story he might not actually be in superman costume for most of the movie anyway

        Once they see an ad with superman in it it ain't really gonna matter what they call it anyways

          I hadn't considered the Batman Begins being similar to the old movies, so obvious now. That being said, I know a few people who had no idea it was related to Dark Night, so I'm not sure if that adds or retracts to my initial point.
          Regardless, I hadn't considered the Superman suit being removed from a majority of the movie, having only seen the two teasers I don't feel anyone could comment beyond what's there.
          As to whatever they call it, I think most people don't care if a movie is a sequel in pop culture as deep as superman, everyone knows his origin and his love interest, they could make a billion unrelated movies and most people would be "Woo another Superman movie, different actor? Different suit? Who cares, it's Superman". I think the only people who care about when it's a reboot or if it's too soon, which I used to be a part of, are those who really care about the characters and have a deep passion for them that don't want their name to be sullied by a bad film.

      We still need a 1940s Batman.

        We also need Marvel 1602 TV series

    Any DayZ players out there have a hub/forum you guys all chat on? It's so lonely sometimes in the post apocalyptic wastelands :(

      Wish there were a few more aussie servers too...

      Have you tried poking around Whirlpool?
      Those guys normally manage to create their own little Aussie groups.

        I'll give it a go, danke :)

          No worries, friend!
          There were also a few of us in Talk Amongst Yourselves and/or the TeamSpeak server hoping to get into it later this week! Maybe you'll have some company from us by next week!

    any word on skyrim DLC for PC? i've been hanging out for it... :'(

      Xbox 360 had 30 day exclusivity on Dawnguard, so I assume we'll see a release date shortly for the PC version. Can't be much longer!

    Have we heard anything else about trophy support in MGS4?

      There's a 25th anniversary event being held on August 30th revealing Kojimas new game and the Fox Engine. I'm going to assume more info on the trophy patch and the re release of MGS4 will be available then?

    How many DLC packs will Fallout 4 have?

    Good tidings!
    Anyone have any suggestions for a cheap (hopefully not too terrible) and functional webcam?
    I was just going to wander into Dick Smith and pick out something, but hey if anyone can recommend anything, that'd be super!

      can't go past Microsoft LifeCam Cinema.. don't know about cheap but $65 at MSY. It is good quality and has an inbuilt microphone.

    Mechanical keyboard sales in Adelaide, anyone?

      I was going to point you toward a friend's website but it looks like he stopped selling mechanical keyboards.

      Try asking on Whirlpool. They tend to know what's going on.

      Do you have any idea what you're looking for?

    Guild Wars 2 or The Secret World

    I can only sustain one of them and haven't had the privilege to test GW2.

      When you mean sustain what do you mean?

      Only The Secret World has a sub fee. So unless your talking time wise there isn't any major issue.

      The secret world is interesting and seems like it could be decent fun with the right group of people.

      There class system or lack thereof is something that will be up to you to decide in my mind it's a great idea one issue though is that without the kind of structure normal mmo's have there are some people running stupid builds(tanks with no agro skills, DPS with primarily self heal skills that while can be handy in solo(since you have to deal damage to heal anyways)

      The investigation stuff is fun probably pointless if you don't have the time/will to not ask others/google

      Gw2 was pretty damn fun haven't had the chance to play heaps in beta(work grr)

      Only issue I had us sometimes things get way to freaking hectic. When you have 20+ players spamming skills on a big monster and the spell effects mean you actually can't see anything is kinda annoying

    Am I a man or am I a muppet?

      You're a very manly muppet.

    Why all of the pop culture articles all of a sudden? if Kotaku AU is going to do that, any chance of getting more of the io9 content?

    Is there any way out of the "friend zone" with a girl?

      The longer it goes on for, the less likely it will happen.

      Oh and never underestimate the power of honesty and bluntness.

      Tell her she's been putting on a lot of weight lately.

      If there is, I haven't found it yet, and I've been friend-zoned dozens of times

      The "friend zone" doesn't exist. Either she was attracted to you in the first place, or she never will be. That said, a lot of guys tend to friend zone themselves by not acting like they're attracted to the girl and then she thinks they just want to be friends. Some girls don't have a clue if you're attracted to them or not so unless you've directly said something, she'll assume you just want to be friends. If you want out of what you think is the "friend zone" you'll just have to ask her out and see what happens. Love is all about gambling with your heart, unfortunately.

    Currently a friend of mine and I are working on making a live action internet series. We still need equipment and just wanted to know people's recommendations of microphones for outdoors. The closest we've got from friends/students at our uni is "boom mic" which is completely nondescript.
    We will be recording the sound and video separately (old school) so a combination of mic and sound recorder would be great. Price ceiling is about $750 on this

      Assuming your pals are film students, couldn't they book uni equipment for you?

        The film students we know aren't interested (we just kinda passed in the library and saw they were film students). Plus they were douches, didn't really want to call them out and we'd like to actually have our own equipment anyway, that way if we need it on short notice, we have it

    Why does the Halo community make me want to franchise to die?

      Because Halo fans have the same problem that all large IP fan bases have, something that makes them arrogant beyond belief when discussing their ip with others who are not as big fans as them?
      Could also be that they have a feeling of self-entitlement whenever anything changes, this causes them to be over sensitive and jerkoffs toward any change, be it good or bad

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