New Assassin's Creed III Trailer Is All About War

The latest trailer for the non-jingoistic Assassin's Creed III celebrates the war for American independence, which is commemorated annually by the good, old 4th of July. There's a lot of fighting in this Independence Day clip... plus a reminder of that hallmark of true independence: retailer-specific pre-order incentives.

If GameStop was selling the Declaration of Independence, do you think they'd bundle in the Articles of Confederation if you pre-ordered?

The trailer looks good, though. Huge battles. Thousands of troops. And one lone assassin in the moonlight. I like it.


    Purely killing the nonAmericans again though. Sigh.

      Wait what? The only death I saw were on the American side...

      Indeed, it puts me off the game.

      Of course Ubisoft won't tell you if you'll be killing non-Americans in the game or not, because since you start allied with the Americans admitting such a thing they would be admitting the obligatory plot-twist that such a scenario would require. I am pretty sure the developers of the game would rather not spoil a potentially major plot twist before the game is even out just to satisfy fans who are complaining because the game appears American-friendly.

        I get all that, but ONE killing of a bluecoat at all, in any of the trailers, by the protag is not too much to ask.

        He went and slaughtered 50-odd red coats in the gameplay trailer - shanking a proto-American would totally be possible.

          I don't think it's pro-American, more anti-British.

    57sec of gameplay, 30 secs of useless bullshit. and i fucking hope that we get to at least kill some colonists considering that the founding fathers are ment to be templars in the assassins creed lore.

    Was it just me or did the graphics look far worse in this one than all the other gameplay trailers for AC3 so far?

      mite have shown console gameplay in this one rather than high end Pc..... :-P

        That is worrying

    I think I was more excited for revelations than this...

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