Aussie Nintendo Download – Double Revenge Land

Aussie Nintendo Download – Double Revenge Land

After the little bit of a boring week last week, this week actually has some great new content. New games, old games and yes even more DLC. There’s almost been as much DLC for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy as there has been Final Fantasy games, but not quite.

3DS Virtual Console
Wario Land II (Nintendo, Game Boy Color, $7.50 AU) Wario busts out into his own title and we Aussies get the Colour version, America gets Ye-Olde Black and White version. Suckers. Wario Land II was one of my favourite Game Boy games back in the day and a great diversion from the usual Mario platformers. Pick it up, if not Wario will come and steal your coins.

3DS Add-On Content
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Songs — $1.50each

The Dalmasca Estersand (FF12 – FMS)
Dungeon (FF02 – FMS)
Etro’s Champion (FF13-2 – BMS)
Battle (FF06 – BMS)

Wii Virtual Console
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Aksys Games, NES, 500pts) Someone remember that the Wii had a Virtual Console too and pumped out Double Dragon for your entertainment. Double Dragon II allows you to play with two players on this NES version, the first game didn’t support this.


Zuma’s Revenge (PopCap Games, 800pts) — Seriously now, If you haven’t played Zuma’s Revenge on something at this point then you really should. Maybe not this version, it’s pretty pricey but it does have 60 levels if that’s your bag, baby.

Yes, still no VVVVVV or Cave Story. Anyone up for a pitchfork runTh?


  • I gave up waiting, I’m downloading VVVVVV from the UK store as we speak. . .

    As for Cave Story, Luckily I was able to pick up the 3D version at retail when it was released (JB exclusive if I remember correctly) so I’m not too fussed about it.

  • Wow, the bastards who had the rights to Double Dragon II stopped twiddling their thumbs? Did they sell it or what? Same pricks bought rights to the Extreme G series. I’d be pretty happy if someone could get around to doing something with that.

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