Aussie Nintendo Store: Vamp, Camp and Stamp

Downloadable Content is finally here on Nintendo consoles! That might be a good thing for you or a bad thing but at least there's the option now. That's mostly what this update is about apart from a forgotten Castlevania title.

3DS Virtual Console

Castlevania: The Adventure (Game Boy, Konami, $4.50 AU) Everyone loves Castlevania right? Well except when its on the Game Boy and is just a shadow of other versions. Buy it only if you really love the franchise. Like really love.

3DS Downloadable Content

Addition Tracks for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, I can't check the pricing on these as I don't have the game but they shouldn't be more than $1.50 per track. If you buy them all its cheaper.

Ride On (FF08) A Fleeting Dream (FF10) Cosmo Canyon (FF07) In Search of Light (FF05) Fighting Fate (FF13) Fighters of the Crystal (FF11) The Final Battle (FF04) Battle Theme 1 (FF02)

3DS Demo

Mutant Mudds (Free) What you didn't buy this one last week? Why not? Try the demo and you will. I bet ya!

eShop Updates

Nintendo LetterBox (Free) - Update your letterbox so you can now scribble your notes in colour! It's free, so why not?


    I'm really starting to get VVVVVVery annoyed at Nintendo and/or Nicalis...

      Don't get annoyed at them. Get annoyed at the Australian classification system. Some form was filled in bad and then I think the R18 plus debate has stopped it completely.

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