Australians Can Finally Watch Good TV On Their Xbox 360

Until recently the only show available for Australians on the Xbox LIVE Zune service was The Guild. Now, seemingly overnight, the Zune video service has sort of exploded with new content — with high quality shows such as Arrested Development, Futurama and The Walking Dead now available.

According to Microsoft Australia, this is just the beginning. It still doesn't consider the product to have fully launched yet, and will be adding more shows throughout the next couple of months.

"Zune Video on Xbox LIVE is happy to have launched a new transactional TV service in Australia," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "Currently we are working on making as much content as possible available before our full launch. Please check back later in the month, when we will be fully launching the service with many new shows and networks."

The shows currently available on Xbox LIVE in Australia are...

- 24 - American Dad - American Horror Story - Arrested Development - Big Bang Theory - Bob's Burgers - Bones (Fox) - Breaking Bad - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Built to Shred - Burn Notice - Chuck - Cleveland Show, The - Community - Damages - Family Guy - Firefly - Fringe - Futurama - Glee - Homeland - How I Met Your Mother - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Killing, The - King of the Hill (Fox) - Lie to Me - Modern Family - My Name is Earl - Prison Break - Rescue Me - Sanctuary - Sons of Anarchy - Spartacus: Blood and Sand - Supernatural - Walking Dead, The - Wilfred - X-Files, The

A pretty magnificent start to be honest, and a really pleasant surprise to find all this new content on LIVE.

Thanks Raygun, for the heads up!


    Not too bad at all!

    What does Zune cost, guys?

    Pardon my ignorance but does this mean we can watch all these for free as gold users?

    Nicely done, Microsoft. Too bad it's not a Hulu type subscription dealy, but can't really complain after years of just The Guild.

    Is this for free or is it a paid service? (beyond Gold membership)

    They have me interested. It would be a convenience, rather than having to download elsewhere. As long as the price is fair.

    Any idea what the per episode fees are like?

    I've seen the shows in there for over a week already. I had a look at some firefly episodes and they price ast 240 SD and 320 HD from memory. I might be a little off from memory but that's pretty close to the per episode pricing.

    I didn't see an option for a season pass which would be nice and give some saving plus larger transactions by consumers for xbox too.

      So thats what? $4-$5 per episode? Forget it.

    FIREFLY!!!! lol love that show. I am all for digital instead of buying discs, so this is great news :)

    For those asking, it looks to be a pay-by-episode system. Purchases in SD are 190 points and HD is 250 points. Some shows also have a season pass by the looks of it as well.

      Looks like some shows have the HD version for 230 or 240, but the standard price of the SD seems to stay at 190.

    and here I was thinking of waiting till the next Xbox. This sort of thing is going to make that decision hard to keep..

    No Game of Thrones?! WHAT IS THIS OUTRAGE!

      It will be the HBO factor. Even on services like Netflix, Hulu etc HBO series require an additional HBO subscription.

        Hbo bought , their tv shows are available from them on a unlimited streaming ~15aud month subscription which is schedule for Xbox release in the future but it's on the ps3 now but with limited content

    This should really be free for gold subscribers. :/

      Why should it be free, Matthew? Have you ever licensed a TV series for distribution? I don't think so, I'd suggest you cease with the complaining and obtain a cashflow.

      +1. If they want more gold memberships, this would be the way to do it.

      Even if they subsidized by one ad at the start or end I'd still be happy. Not much point to Gold anymore though TBH. :(

    There was already plenty of good TV on the 360. On the ABC and SBS apps. And those are free!

      iView really is awesome.

        It is - it would be good if the other nets offered similar catch up services over the xbox - we use iView all the time!

      Well to be fair, those apps are just streaming video of aussie made shows or shows that probably wouldn't cost as much to get the rights for; these purchases allow you to download big name shows to your console and watch them without an internet connection (not that i am trying to defend the current pricing by any means though).

      Either way, free vs not free isn't exactly a fair comparison lol.

        Also - these are download to own. So you own them forever, rather than it just being a rental price...

        I know of another way to download big name shows to watch offline.
        Disappointing that I'm paying a gold subscription to still get dashboard ads and have to pay for TV

    No such thing as good TV.

    Bobs burgers rules but pay-per-veiw is a sucker deal as far as value is concerned

    Sorry Microsoft, but if you assume a season of 24 episodes , and I buy the points in 6000 point lots, then simple math indicates the whole season will set me back $75.24. Pffft, I can get it elsewhere for cheaper.

    Decent selection but how timely are the new episodes?

    I was hoping to be able to wtach this stuff on at least SD for free on GOLD membership, or atleast a monthly subscription plan

    wow.... so I can now pay for something I could otherwise watch for FREE on tv.... or otherwise download via torrents..... yeah, nice work Micro$oft.

    Nice, although most of them are already on PS Store, at least, on the Vita's.

    Seriously?. Charging almost the exact same amount to purchase the dvd seson from what i saw for American Dad. I mean i get the convenience factor but considering what america gets for monthly streaming options/prices this is just a slap in the face.....and to my wallet.....

    The thing is, Aussies aren't used to paying for TV, like radio we see it as a thing that should be freely available so the idea of paying for TV shows is just so outrageous. Americans however are quite used to paying for cable or pay per view type situations so imagine hearing Aussies spit the dummy over having to pay for TV is funny.

    If six episodes are more expensive than a Season box set why am I going to be watching them?

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