Barbarian God-Like Exploit Discovered In Diablo III

On the heels of the Wizard god mode exploit, here's reportedly another god-like mode. This one is for the Diablo III's Barbarian class.

According to the Blizzard forums, the exploit doesn't make you technically make you invincible, but it does allow you to get 8 per cent of your HP back with every hit. Here are the steps, courtesy of YouTube user MetaSerge (there are steps on Blizzard's forums, too):

1. Have Furious Charge with Dreadnought Rune

2. Charge into opening cinematic (before it begins)

And that reportedly starts the exploit. The effect apparently lasts until you die or until you use Furious Charge again.

Some players are able to get the exploit working. Others were not. Give it a whirl and judge for yourself.

BARB GOD-LIKE EXPLOIT [ Thanks, Stephen!]


    Encouraging people to use an exploit which could have potentially serious consequences for their Blizz accounts.

    Without warning them.

      The thing is, the best way to get an exploit fixed is to make it public. Otherwise it'll go unnoticed for longer and a small group of people will continue to use it to gain an advantage over other players.

        Isn't the best way to get an exploit fixed to actually report the exploit directly to Blizzard, via their hacks/exploit form?

          The wizz bug was in the ticket system for a week before it was made public in an attempt to get it fixed. Public for 1 day and Blizz announce a hot fix for it.

        There's making it public, and there's capping it off with 'give it a whirl' knowing full well that there's a good chance Blizzard will ban anyone who does.

    "doesn’t make you technically make you invincible" ..... but it does make you repeat make you repeat you're self. :D

    If you're going to make a video in your bedroom, it might not be the best idea to leave the bottle of lotion visible next to your bed...

      Maybe he has dry skin? Jk he uses it as lube

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